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Aujourd'hui - May 21, 2022

The IO Offensive: Information Operations Surrounding the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

New Mandiant research detailing the various IO activities seen by nation-state actors, resulting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Canada bans Huawei and ZTE from 5G networks over security concerns

The Government of Canada announced its intention to ban the use of Huawei and ZTE telecommunications equipment and services across the country's 5G and 4G networks.

Policy Statement – Securing Canada’s Telecommunications System

The Government of Canada has serious concerns about suppliers such as Huawei and ZTE who could be compelled to comply with extrajudicial directions from foreign governments in ways that would conflict with Canadian laws or would be detrimental to Canadian interests.

Malicious PyPI package opens backdoors on Windows, Linux, and Macs

Yet another malicious Python package has been spotted in the PyPI registry performing supply chain attacks to drop Cobalt Strike beacons and backdoors on Windows, Linux, and macOS systems.

Fears grow for smaller nations after ransomware attack on Costa Rica escalates

The Russia-linked ransomware gang demanded $20 million in ransom — and the overthrow of Costa Rica's elected government. Where does that leave smaller, equally vulnerable nation states?