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Aujourd'hui - February 6, 2023

Iran responsible for Charlie Hebdo attacks

Today, Microsoft’s Digital Threat Analysis Center (DTAC) is attributing a recent influence operation targeting the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo

Cyberattaque contre l’Université de Zurich: des accès aux serveurs vendus sur le darkweb (update)

Des cybercriminels ont pris l'Université de Zurich pour cible.

Onenote Malware: Classification and Personal Notes

During the past 4 months Microsoft Onenote file format has been (ab)used as Malware carrier by different criminal groups. While the main infection vector is still on eMail side - so nothing really relevant to write on - the used techniques, the templates and the implemented code to inoculate Malware changed a lot. So it…

Detecting OneNote Abuse

OneNote is a software part of the Office suite, commonly used within most organisations for note-keeping, task management and more. In the last year, OneNote gained more attention from a security perspective, mostly thanks to the research paper published by Emeric Nasi.

No Macro? No Worries. VSTO Being Weaponized by Threat Actors

A software development toolset, VSTO is available in Microsoft’s Visual Studio IDE. It enables Office Add-In’s (a type of Office application extension) to be developed in .NET and also allows for Office documents to be created that will deliver and execute these Add-In’s.