thumbnail Turkish Citizens' Personal Data Offered Online After Govt Site Hacked
thumbnail Pro-Ukraine hackers bring Russian banking system to its knees
thumbnail La commune vaudoise de Bex touchée par une cyberattaque
thumbnail Another huge US medical data breach confirmed after Fortra mass-hack
thumbnail Clop Ransomware Likely Sitting on MOVEit Transfer Vulnerability (CVE-2023-34362) Since 2021
thumbnail Analysis of CVE-2023-29336 Win32k Privilege Escalation
thumbnail Unmasking the Darkrace Ransomware Gang
thumbnail Le site web du parlement suisse attaqué par des hackers
thumbnail CVE-2023-34362: MOVEit Transfer SQL Injection Vulnerability Threat Brief
thumbnail ChatGPT creates mutating malware that evades detection by EDR
thumbnail Mass exploitation of critical MOVEit flaw is ransacking orgs big and small | Ars Technica
thumbnail Trustwave Action Response: Zero Day Exploitation of MOVEit (CVE-2023-34362)
thumbnail GobRAT malware written in Go language targeting Linux routers
thumbnail How malicious extensions hide running arbitrary code
thumbnail Hackers steal Swiss police and customs data
thumbnail Russian Radio Stations Hacked, Fake Putin Message Announcing Invasion of Russia Broadcast
thumbnail L’armée suisse et Fedpol touchés par une cyberattaque
thumbnail MOVEit hack: BBC, BA and Boots among cyber attack victims
thumbnail New Magecart-Style Campaign Abusing Legitimate Websites to Attack Others | Akamai
thumbnail Rapid7 Observed Exploitation of Critical MOVEit Transfer Vulnerability
thumbnail Enzo Biochem Ransomware Attack Exposes Information of 2.5M Individuals - SecurityWeek
thumbnail New macOS vulnerability, Migraine, could bypass System Integrity Protection | Microsoft Security Blog
thumbnail ‘Gravity Forms’ WordPress Plugin Found Vulnerable to PHP Object Injection
thumbnail Zero-Day Vulnerability in MOVEit Transfer Exploited for Data Theft
thumbnail “Clickless” iOS exploits infect Kaspersky iPhones with never-before-seen malware | Ars Technica
thumbnail A Matter of Triangulation.
thumbnail Zero Day Initiative — CVE-2023-24941: Microsoft Network File System Remote Code Execution
thumbnail Terminator antivirus killer is a vulnerable Windows driver in disguise
thumbnail Millions of Gigabyte Motherboards Were Sold With a Firmware Backdoor | WIRED
thumbnail EDR bypassing via memory manipulation techniques | WithSecure™ Labs
thumbnail Iranian dissidents take over high-security servers of regime presidency |
thumbnail New hacking forum leaks data of 478,000 RaidForums members
thumbnail Hauts-de-Seine : les petits pirates informatiques avaient rançonné le pôle Leonard de Vinci
thumbnail The professionalization of cyber crime
thumbnail ABB provides details about IT security incident
thumbnail Tesla Files: Un vol de données met Tesla dans l'embarras
thumbnail Vulnerability in GCP CloudSQL Leads to Data Exposure
thumbnail Here’s how long it takes new BrutePrint attack to unlock 10 different smartphones
thumbnail Mercenary mayhem: A technical analysis of Intellexa's PREDATOR spyware
thumbnail Inner workings revealed for “Predator,” the Android malware that exploited 5 0-days
thumbnail Old Wine in the New Bottle: Mirai Variant Targets Multiple IoT Devices
thumbnail NHS data breach: trusts shared patient details with Facebook without consent | Health | The Guardian
thumbnail Armenia spyware victims: Pegasus hacking in war
thumbnail COSMICENERGY: New OT Malware Possibly Related To Russian Emergency Response Exercises | Mandiant
thumbnail Barracuda email security appliances hacked via zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2023-2868) - Help Net Security
thumbnail Chinese Cyberespionage Group BRONZE SILHOUETTE Targets U.S. Government and Defense Organizations
thumbnail Free VPN Service SuperVPN Exposes 360 Million User Records
thumbnail Wordfence Firewall Blocks Bizarre Large-Scale XSS Campaign
thumbnail Barracuda identified a vulnerability (CVE-2023-2868) in our Email Security Gateway appliance (ESG) on May 19, 2023.
thumbnail Volt Typhoon targets US critical infrastructure with living-off-the-land techniques
thumbnail Malvertising via brand impersonation is back again
thumbnail German arms company Rheinmetall confirms Black Basta ransomware group behind cyberattack
thumbnail IT employee impersonates ransomware gang to extort employer
thumbnail Apple fixes three new zero-days exploited to hack iPhones, Macs
thumbnail Don't @ Me: URL Obfuscation Through Schema Abuse
thumbnail BlackCat Ransomware Deploys New Signed Kernel Driver
thumbnail Up to 100 cases taken over HSE cyberattack, judge told
thumbnail Beijing Bans Micron as Supplier to Big Chinese Firms, Citing National Security
thumbnail Popular Android TV boxes sold on Amazon are laced with malware
thumbnail MalasLocker ransomware targets Zimbra servers, demands charity donation
thumbnail Lemon Group’s Cybercriminal Businesses Built on Preinfected Devices
thumbnail Visualizing QakBot Infrastructure
thumbnail “FleeceGPT” mobile apps target AI-curious to rake in cash
thumbnail KeePass flaw allows retrieval of master password, PoC is public (CVE-2023-32784)
thumbnail GitHub - vdohney/keepass-password-dumper
thumbnail Discord discloses data breach after support agent got hacked
thumbnail SIM Swapping and Abuse of the Microsoft Azure Serial Console: Serial Is Part of a Well Balanced Attack
thumbnail Piratage et médias suisses, la justice entre en action
thumbnail Malicious VSCode extensions with more than 45K downloads steal PII and enable backdoors - Check Point Blog
thumbnail Review and analysis of fake Trezor cryptowallet
thumbnail FBI confirms access to Breached cybercrime forum database
thumbnail Securonix Threat Labs Security Advisory: Latest Update: Ongoing MEME#4CHAN Attack/Phishing Campaign uses Meme-Filled Code to Drop XWorm Payloads
thumbnail WordPress Plugin Vulnerability Exposed Ferrari Website to Hackers
thumbnail Hackers offer personal information of 500,000 Israeli students for sale
thumbnail Ex-ByteDance Executive Accuses TikTok Parent Company of ‘Lawlessness’
thumbnail How an Indiana hospital fought to recover from a cyberattack
thumbnail The Race to Patch: Attackers Leverage Sample Exploit Code in Wordpress Plugin | Akamai
thumbnail Toyota: Car location data of 2 million customers exposed for ten years
thumbnail «Cloud souverain»: les cantons latins avancent groupés et font un appel du pied à la Confédération
thumbnail Multinational tech firm ABB hit by Black Basta ransomware attack
thumbnail White Phoenix: Beating Intermittent Encryption
thumbnail Critical Privilege Escalation in Essential Addons for Elementor Plugin Affecting 1+ Million Sites
thumbnail Uncovering RedStinger - Undetected APT cyber operations in Eastern Europe since 2020
thumbnail Akira Ransomware is “bringin’ 1988 back”
thumbnail infosec company owned completely by 4chan user
thumbnail Google will provide dark web monitoring to all US Gmail users
thumbnail Ghost in the network
thumbnail Cybersecurity Firm Breach Exposes Tobacco Giant Philip Morris
thumbnail Tennessee, Georgia colleges respond to cyberattacks as school year wraps up
thumbnail New phishing-as-a-service tool “Greatness” already seen in the wild
thumbnail Leak of Intel Boot Guard Keys Could Have Security Repercussions for Years
thumbnail Deconstructing a Cybersecurity Event
thumbnail Global Surveillance: The Secretive Swiss Dealer Enabling Israeli Spy Firms - National Security & Cyber
thumbnail Justice Department Announces Court-Authorized Disruption of the Snake Malware Network Controlled by Russia's Federal Security Service
thumbnail How macOS now tracks the provenance of apps
thumbnail Snake: Coming soon in Mac OS X flavour – Fox-IT International blog
thumbnail Microsoft May 2023 Patch Tuesday
thumbnail Apple Fails to Fully Reboot iOS Simulator Copyright Case
thumbnail oss-sec: [CVE-2023-32233] Linux kernel use-after-free in Netfilter nf_tables when processing batch requests can be abused to perform arbitrary reads and writes in kernel memory
thumbnail ‘PlugwalkJoe’ pleads guilty for the massive 2020 Twitter hack - The Verge
thumbnail The Team of Sleuths Quietly Hunting Cyberattack-for-Hire Services
thumbnail On the trail of the Dark Avenger: the most dangerous virus writer in the world
thumbnail WordPress Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin <= 6.1.5 - Reflected Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability
thumbnail Dump these Cisco phone adapters because it's not fixing them
thumbnail Meet Akira — A new ransomware operation targeting the enterprise
thumbnail MSI Breach Leaks Intel BootGuard & OEM Image Signing Keys, Compromises Security of Over 200 Devices & Major Vendors
thumbnail OpenAI’s regulatory troubles are just beginning
thumbnail Who Gets the Algorithm? The Bigger TikTok Danger
thumbnail Can Better Training Reduce the Success Rate of Phishing Attacks?
thumbnail From Campus Rape Cases to Child Abuse Reports, ‘Worst-Case’ Data Breach Rocks MN Schools
thumbnail The malware threat landscape: NodeStealer, DuckTail, and more
thumbnail Atomic Stealer | Threat Actor Spawns Second Variant of macOS Malware Sold on Telegram
thumbnail Passkeys: What they are and how to use them
thumbnail Apple et Google s’accordent sur un cahier des charges industriel pour lutter contre le pistage
thumbnail Bad Actors Are Joining the AI Revolution: Here’s What We’ve Found in the Wild
thumbnail AI-Powered 'BlackMamba' Keylogging Attack Evades Modern EDR Security
thumbnail SolarWinds: The Untold Story of the Boldest Supply-Chain Hack
thumbnail What is a Rapid Security Response (RSR)
thumbnail BouldSpy: Android Spyware Tied to Iranian Police Targets Minorities
thumbnail Apple uses iOS and macOS Rapid Security Response feature for the first time
thumbnail FIN7 tradecraft seen in attacks against Veeam backup servers
thumbnail Investigating ChatGPT phishing detection capabilities
thumbnail AI Chatbots Have Been Used to Create Dozens of News Content Farms
thumbnail LockBit and Cl0p ransomware gangs actively exploiting Papercut vulnerabilities
thumbnail DOJ Detected SolarWinds Breach Months Before Public Disclosure
thumbnail Le Département de la défense et des banques testent le partage confidentiel de données de cybermenace
thumbnail Magecart threat actor rolls out convincing modal forms
thumbnail Hackers Leaked Minneapolis Students' Psychological Reports, Allegations of Abuse
thumbnail RTM Locker Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) Now on Linux - Uptycs
thumbnail Never Connect to RDP Servers Over Untrusted Networks
thumbnail Mirai Botnet Attackers Exploit TP-Link Router Bug
thumbnail Attackers Use Containers for Profit via TrafficStealer
thumbnail Cyble — Threat Actor Selling New Atomic macOS (AMOS) Stealer on Telegram
thumbnail VMware Patches Critical Vulnerability Disclosed at Pwn2Own Hacking Contest
thumbnail Smartphones With Popular Qualcomm Chip Secretly Share Private Information With US Chip-Maker
thumbnail Meet the hacker armies on Ukraine's cyber front line
thumbnail Analysis of Pre-Auth RCE in Sophos Web Appliance (CVE-2023-1671)
thumbnail Software Maker 3CX Was Compromised in First-of-its-Kind Threaded Supply-Chain Hack
thumbnail X_Trader Supply Chain Attack Affects Critical Infrastructure Organizations in U.S. and Europe
thumbnail Retour d'experience du Centre Hospitalier de Cahors
thumbnail 'RustBucket' malware targets macOS
thumbnail Linux malware strengthens links between Lazarus and the 3CX supply‑chain attack
thumbnail 3CX Software Supply Chain Compromise Initiated by a Prior Software Supply Chain Compromise; Suspected North Korean Actor Responsible
thumbnail Threat Actors Rapidly Adopt Web3 IPFS Technology
thumbnail ‘AuKill’ EDR killer malware abuses Process Explorer driver
thumbnail TikTok reste autorisé sur les téléphones des fonctionnaires suisses
thumbnail Cybersécurité et désinformation: Berne crée un nouveau Secrétariat d’État pour la sécurité civile
thumbnail Black Basta claims it's selling off stolen Capita data
thumbnail in2al5d p3in4er is Almost Completely Undetectable
thumbnail LockBit for Mac | How Real is the Risk of macOS Ransomware?
thumbnail Apple’s high security mode blocked NSO spyware, researchers say | TechCrunch
thumbnail Summary of the Investigation Related to CVE-2023-0669
thumbnail Triple Threat: NSO Group’s Pegasus Spyware Returns in 2022 with a Trio of iOS 15 and iOS 16 Zero-Click Exploit Chains
thumbnail QBot banker delivered through business correspondence
thumbnail CVE-2023-21554: MSMQ
thumbnail Analyzing an arm64 mach-O version of LockBit
thumbnail Linux kernel logic allowed Spectre attack on major cloud
thumbnail Google Chrome emergency update fixes first zero-day of 2023
thumbnail The (Not so) Secret War on Discord
thumbnail A Computer Generated Swatting Service Is Causing Havoc Across America
thumbnail Espionage campaign linked to Russian intelligence services
thumbnail New hacker advocacy group seeks to protect work of security researchers
thumbnail Vice Society: A Tale of Victim Data Exfiltration via PowerShell, aka Stealing off the Land
thumbnail Hackers claim vast access to Western Digital systems
thumbnail En Suisse comme en France, la vidéosurveillance progresse à une vitesse fulgurante
thumbnail Discord member details how documents leaked from closed chat group
thumbnail Nokoyawa ransomware attacks with Windows zero-day
thumbnail Microsoft’s April 2023 Patch Tuesday Addresses 97 CVEs (CVE-2023-28252)
thumbnail DEV-0196: QuaDream’s “KingsPawn” malware used to target civil society in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia
thumbnail Sweet QuaDreams: A First Look at Spyware Vendor QuaDream’s Exploits, Victims, and Customers - The Citizen Lab
thumbnail Mercenary spyware hacked iPhone victims with rogue calendar invites, researchers say | TechCrunch
thumbnail Balada Injector: Synopsis of a Massive Ongoing WordPress Malware Campaign
thumbnail Data-leak flaw in Qualcomm, HiSilicon-based Wi-Fi AP chips
thumbnail MERCURY and DEV-1084: Destructive attack on hybrid environment - Microsoft Security Blog
thumbnail Cyble — Demystifying Money Message Ransomware 
thumbnail Leaked Pentagon Document Claims Russian Hacktivists Breached Canadian Gas Pipeline Company
thumbnail From Discord to 4chan: The Improbable Journey of a US Intelligence Leak - bellingcat
thumbnail MSI Confirms Breach as Ransomware Gang Claims Responsibility
thumbnail L'Anssi pourra bloquer les noms de domaine liés à des cyberattaques
thumbnail Exploit available for critical bug in VM2 JavaScript sandbox library
thumbnail Samsung Fab Workers Leak Confidential Data While Using ChatGPT
thumbnail Cyble — New Cylance Ransomware with Power-Packed CommandLine Options
thumbnail ALPHV Ransomware Affiliate Targets Vulnerable Backup Installations to Gain Initial Access
thumbnail Special Report: Tesla workers shared sensitive images recorded by customer cars | Reuters
thumbnail Apple fixes two zero-days exploited to hack iPhones and Macs
thumbnail Stopping cybercriminals from abusing security tools
thumbnail Resecurity uncovers STYX, new cybercriminal platform focused on financial fraud - Help Net Security
thumbnail Mac Malware MacStealer Spreads as Fake P2E Apps
thumbnail Troy Hunt: Seized Genesis Market Data is Now Searchable in Have I Been Pwned, Courtesy of the FBI and "Operation Cookie Monster"
thumbnail Rilide: A New Malicious Browser Extension for Stealing Cryptocurrencies
thumbnail Chinese fraudsters: evading detection and monetizing stolen credit card information
thumbnail Who Broke NPM?: Malicious Packages Flood Leading to Denial of Service
thumbnail National Cyber Force reveals how daily cyber operations protect the UK
thumbnail Winter Vivern | Uncovering a Wave of Global Espionage
thumbnail Not just an infostealer: Gopuram backdoor deployed through 3CX supply chain attack | Securelist
thumbnail Rorschach – A New Sophisticated and Fast Ransomware
thumbnail 3CX Desktop App Compromised (CVE-2023-29059)
thumbnail Android app from China executed 0-day exploit on millions of devices | Ars Technica
thumbnail Cyble — Cl0p Ransomware: Active Threat Plaguing Businesses Worldwide
thumbnail Western Digital discloses network breach, My Cloud service down
thumbnail New Money Message ransomware demands million dollar ransoms
thumbnail Pinduoduo: One of China's most popular apps has the ability to spy on its users, say experts
thumbnail Meet the FSB contractor: 0Day Technologies
thumbnail Qakbot mechanizes distribution of malicious OneNote notebooks
thumbnail Information on Attacks Involving 3CX Desktop App
thumbnail Creal: New Stealer Targeting Cryptocurrency Users Via Phishing Sites
thumbnail Privacy, a chi tocca proteggere gli studenti?
thumbnail Exploitation is a Dish Best Served Cold: Winter Vivern Uses Known Zimbra Vulnerability to Target Webmail Portals of NATO-Aligned Governments in Europe
thumbnail Spyware vendors use 0-days and n-days against popular platforms
thumbnail ‘Vulkan files’ leak reveals Putin’s global and domestic cyberwarfare tactics
thumbnail 3CX VoIP Software Compromise & Supply Chain Threats
thumbnail 3CX Security Alert for Electron Windows App
thumbnail Ironing out (the macOS details) of a Smooth Operator
thumbnail 3CX: Supply Chain Attack Affects Thousands of Users Worldwide
thumbnail Hackers compromise 3CX desktop app in a supply chain attack
thumbnail 3CX users under DLL-sideloading attack: What you need to know
thumbnail New OpcJacker Malware Distributed via Fake VPN Malvertising
thumbnail The criminal use of ChatGPT – a cautionary tale about large language models
thumbnail Guidance for investigating attacks using CVE-2023-23397
thumbnail France bans all recreational apps from government devices
thumbnail MacStealer: New macOS-based Stealer Malware Identified
thumbnail NCA infiltrates cyber crime market with disguised DDoS sites
thumbnail Throttling and Blocking Email from Persistently Vulnerable Exchange Servers to Exchange Online - Microsoft Community Hub
thumbnail La NZZ victime d'un ransomware
thumbnail Shining Light on Dark Power: Yet Another Ransomware Gang
thumbnail Raiffeisen, Cler, BCGE... Des données bancaires exposées sur le web, à l'insu des clients
thumbnail OK, it’s time to freak out about AI
thumbnail New victims come forward after mass-ransomware attack
thumbnail Emotet resumes spam operations, switches to OneNote
thumbnail Patch Tuesday -> Exploit Wednesday: Pwning Windows Ancillary Function Driver for WinSock (afd.sys) in 24 Hours
thumbnail Journalist opens USB letter bomb in newsroom
thumbnail Session Cookies, Keychains, SSH Keys and More | 7 Kinds of Data Malware Steals from macOS Users
thumbnail Reversing Emotet Dropping Javascript
thumbnail Ferrari Hacked - Attackers Compromised The Ferrari IT Systems
thumbnail Move, Patch, Get Out the Way: 2022 Zero-Day Exploitation Continues at an Elevated Pace
thumbnail BlackMamba ChatGPT Polymorphic Malware | A Case of Scareware or a Wake-up Call for Cyber Security?
thumbnail A Fake Project Related to the Sandbox Malspam
thumbnail Wave of Arrests Hits Cybercriminals
thumbnail Pixel Markup vulnerability allows screenshots to be un-redacted
thumbnail Les trackers GPS et Bluetooth, des petites balises dont il faut se méfier
thumbnail Google says hackers could silently own your phone until Samsung fixes its modems
thumbnail Everything We Know About CVE-2023-23397
thumbnail Fortinet Zero-Day and Custom Malware Used by Suspected Chinese Actor in Espionage Operation
thumbnail BatLoader Continues to Abuse Google Search Ads to Deliver…
thumbnail Microsoft patches zero-days used by state-sponsored and ransomware threat actors (CVE-2023-23397, CVE-2023-24880)
thumbnail Ransomware Attacks Have Entered a ‘Heinous’ New Phase
thumbnail Microsoft’s March 2023 Patch Tuesday Addresses 76 CVEs (CVE-2023-23397)
thumbnail Ransomware Group Claims Hack of Amazon's Ring
thumbnail Prometei botnet improves modules and exhibits new capabilities in recent updates
thumbnail Rogue CyberSecurity Company Employee Tried To Sell Powerful, Stolen iPhone Malware For $50-Million
thumbnail GoBruteforcer: Golang-Based Botnet Actively Harvests Web Servers
thumbnail Czech cybersecurity office labels TikTok a security threat
thumbnail Ransomware gang posts video of data stolen from Minneapolis schools
thumbnail Medusa ransomware gang picks up steam as it targets companies worldwide
thumbnail Telehealth startup Cerebral shared millions of patients' data with advertisers
thumbnail Netcat Attack Cases Targeting MS-SQL Servers (LOLBins)
thumbnail SCARLETEEL: Operation leveraging Terraform, Kubernetes, and AWS for data theft
thumbnail Alerte sur des tentatives de piratage de comptes bancaires en Suisse
thumbnail Gang leaks Lehigh Valley Health Network cancer patient photos as part of data hack
thumbnail New HiatusRAT router malware covertly spies on victims - Lumen
thumbnail A Noteworthy Threat: How Cybercriminals are Abusing OneNote
thumbnail CVE-2023-27532
thumbnail Acer Breached, Hacker Selling Access to 160GB of Stolen Data
thumbnail Meta’s LLaMA Leaked to the Public, Thanks To 4chan
thumbnail PoC exploit for recently patched Microsoft Word RCE is public (CVE-2023-21716)
thumbnail Germany and Ukraine hit two high-value ransomware targets
thumbnail We Found 28,000 Apps Sending Data to TikTok. A Ban Won't Help.
thumbnail PyPi Packages Deliver Python Remote Access Tools
thumbnail Credit Suisse breach spills info of high-net-worth clients
thumbnail Biden National Cyber Strategy Seeks to Hold Software Firms Liable for Insecurity
thumbnail FACT SHEET: Biden-Harris Administration Announces National Cybersecurity Strategy
thumbnail How cybercriminals attack young gamers
thumbnail BlackLotus UEFI bootkit: Myth confirmed
thumbnail West ill-prepared to deal with evolving cyber threats, report concludes
thumbnail Iron Tiger’s SysUpdate Reappears, Adds Linux Targeting
thumbnail Hunting for Honkbox | Multistage macOS Cryptominer May Still Be Hiding
thumbnail Lumma Stealer targets YouTubers via Spear-phishing Email | by S2W | S2W BLOG | Feb, 2023 | Medium
thumbnail Intrusion dans les systèmes d'information de la Ville de Lille : le point sur la situation
thumbnail U.S. Marshals Service hack compromises sensitive info
thumbnail Danish parliament urges to remove TikTok over cybersecurity
thumbnail LastPass breach update: The few additional bits of information
thumbnail Canada bans TikTok on government devices
thumbnail Hard-to-spot Mac crypto-mining threat, XMRig, hits Pirate Bay
thumbnail PureCrypter targets government entities through Discord - Blog | Menlo Security
thumbnail Stanford University discloses data breach affecting PhD applicants
thumbnail Technical Advisory: Various Threat Actors Targeting ManageEngine Exploit CVE-2022-47966
thumbnail TA569: SocGholish and Beyond
thumbnail EXFILTRATOR-22 - An Emerging Post-Exploitation Framework
thumbnail Cryptomonnaie: arrestation de deux Français suspectés d’avoir piraté la plateforme Platypus
thumbnail OneNote Embedded file abuse
thumbnail Suspect in major data theft case linked to Dutch-subsidized cybersecurity org
thumbnail A year after Russia's invasion, the scope of cyberwar in Ukraine comes into focus
thumbnail Beware of macOS cryptojacking malware.
thumbnail Valve bans 40,000 Dota 2 cheaters through ‘honeypot’ patch
thumbnail "Fobo" Trojan distributed as ChatGPT client for Windows
thumbnail The Growing Threat of ChatGPT-Based Phishing Attacks
thumbnail Google Delivers Record-Breaking $12M in Bug Bounties
thumbnail Activision's Data Breach Contains Employee Information, Call of Duty and More, Report
thumbnail Fortinet FortiNAC CVE-2022-39952 Deep-Dive and IOCs
thumbnail Sensitive US military emails spill online
thumbnail Hackers Start Selling Data Center Logins for Some of World’s Largest Corporations
thumbnail The Gravediggers: How Eliminalia, a Spanish reputation management firm, buries the truth
thumbnail Fog of war: how the Ukraine conflict transformed the cyber threat landscape
thumbnail Magecart Attack Disguised as Google Tag Manager | Akamai
thumbnail Ransomware pushes City of Oakland into state of emergency
thumbnail German airport websites downed by DDoS attacks
thumbnail FBI says it has 'contained' cyber incident on bureau's computer network
thumbnail Clop ransomware claims it breached 130 orgs using GoAnywhere zero-day
thumbnail Escroquerie aux SMS de l'Assurance maladie : les suspects volaient les numéros de téléphone depuis leur voiture
thumbnail GoDaddy: Hackers stole source code, installed malware in multi-year breach
thumbnail Hacker Uncovers How to Turn Traffic Lights Green With Flipper Zero
thumbnail Microsoft February 2023 Patch Tuesday
thumbnail Cisco warns of critical flaw in ClamAV antivirus
thumbnail Hyundai and Kia issue software upgrades to thwart theft hack
thumbnail Ethical hackers can now legally hack Belgian companies
thumbnail The Israelis Destabilizing Democracy and Disrupting Elections Worldwide - National Security & Cyber - Haaretz
thumbnail Ces hackers israéliens qui ont piraté les élections en Afrique
thumbnail How undercover reporters caught ‘Team Jorge’ disinformation operatives on camera
thumbnail Havoc Across the Cyberspace
thumbnail IoC detection experiments with ChatGPT
thumbnail Bogus URL Shorteners Redirect Thousands of Hacked Sites in AdSense Fraud Campaign
thumbnail New MortalKombat ransomware and Laplas Clipper malware threats deployed in financially motivated campaign
thumbnail Cloudflare mitigates record-breaking 71 million request-per-second DDoS attack
thumbnail Apple sued for promising privacy, failing at it
thumbnail Iran marks revolution anniversary, hackers interrupt state TV coverage
thumbnail Uncle Sow: Dark Caracal in Latin America
thumbnail Killnet Threat to Health and Public Sectors
thumbnail Meet the Creator of North Korea’s Favorite Crypto Privacy Service
thumbnail Investigating Intrusions From Intriguing Exploits
thumbnail Une campagne de phishing fictive pour sensibiliser 25 PME romandes à la cybersécurité
thumbnail Incendie OVH : une première décision de condamnation
thumbnail Xiaomi, OnePlus, Top Android Phones in China Spy on You: Study
thumbnail UK cracks down on ransomware actors
thumbnail HTML Smuggling: The Hidden Threat in Your Inbox
thumbnail Enigma Stealer Targets Cryptocurrency Industry with Fake Jobs
thumbnail 2023 Crypto Crime Trends: Illicit Cryptocurrency Volumes Reach All-Time Highs Amid Surge in Sanctions Designations and Hacking
thumbnail Bitwarden password vaults targeted in Google ads phishing attack
thumbnail OpenSSL fixes High Severity data-stealing bug – patch now!
thumbnail Russia-linked Lockbit ransomware hacking gang threatens to publish Royal Mail data stolen in cyber attack
thumbnail Sliver Malware With BYOVD Distributed Through Sunlogin Vulnerability Exploitations - ASEC BLOG
thumbnail Iran responsible for Charlie Hebdo attacks
thumbnail Cyberattaque contre l’Université de Zurich: des accès aux serveurs vendus sur le darkweb (update)
thumbnail Onenote Malware: Classification and Personal Notes
thumbnail Detecting OneNote Abuse
thumbnail No Macro? No Worries. VSTO Being Weaponized by Threat Actors
thumbnail Cybercrime: Les hackers avaient aussi sévi en Suisse
thumbnail Massive ESXiArgs ransomware attack targets VMware ESXi servers worldwide
thumbnail Ransomware : des centaines de serveurs VMware ESXi pris dans une vaste campagne
thumbnail Un ransomware attaque les clients ESXi des hébergeurs français (MAJ)
thumbnail Exploitation of GoAnywhere MFT zero-day vulnerability
thumbnail Ransomware Roundup – Trigona Ransomware
thumbnail .NET Virtualization Thrives in Malvertising Attacks
thumbnail No Pineapple! –DPRK Targeting of Medical Research and Technology Sector
thumbnail Following the Scent of TrickGate: 6-Year-Old Packer Used to Deploy the Most Wanted Malware
thumbnail OneNote Documents Increasingly Used to Deliver Malware
thumbnail Qakbot's Evolution Continues with New Strategies
thumbnail HeadCrab: A Novel State-of-the-Art Redis Malware in a Global Campaign
thumbnail Hospitals urged to tighten DDoS defenses after health data found on Killnet list
thumbnail Pro-Russian DDoS attacks raise alarm in Denmark, U.S.
thumbnail Google sponsored ads malvertising targets password manager
thumbnail Action needed for GitHub Desktop and Atom users
thumbnail ‘InTheBox’ Web Injects Targeting Android Banking Applications Worldwide
thumbnail Analyzing and remediating a malware infested T95 TV box from Amazon
thumbnail Welcome to Goot Camp: Tracking the Evolution of GOOTLOADER Operations
thumbnail IT specialists search and recruitment on the dark web
thumbnail Exploring Killnet's Social Circles
thumbnail A Major App Flaw Exposed the Data of Millions of Indian Students
thumbnail Chinese PlugX Malware Hidden in Your USB Devices?
thumbnail An unfaithful employee leaked Yandex source code repositoriesSecurity Affairs
thumbnail Cybercriminals stung as HIVE infrastructure shut down
thumbnail The Titan Stealer: Notorious Telegram Malware Campaign
thumbnail Realtek SDK Vulnerability Attacks Highlight IoT Supply Chain Threats
thumbnail La vidéosurveillance de l’armée présente des failles de sécurité
thumbnail Suisse: Caméras de surveillance de l’armée jugées trop vulnérables
thumbnail Apple patches are out – old iPhones get an old zero-day fix at last!
thumbnail Following the LNK metadata trail
thumbnail Threat groups are using Windows LNK files to gain access
thumbnail Bitzlato: senior management arrested
thumbnail how to completely own an airline in 3 easy steps
thumbnail U.S. ‘No Fly List’ Leaks After Being Left in an Unsecured Airline Server
thumbnail Hostile Takeover: Kraken Hacks Rival Darknet Market Solaris
thumbnail Darth Vidar: The Dark Side of Evolving Threat Infrastructure
thumbnail Risky Biz News: Crypto-crime volumes went down in 2022, ransomware payments too
thumbnail New GTA Online exploit now allows cheaters to ban your account
thumbnail Breaking Down the SEO Poisoning Attack | How Attackers Are Hijacking Search Results
thumbnail Technical Advisory – Multiple Vulnerabilities in the Galaxy App Store (CVE-2023-21433, CVE-2023-21434)
thumbnail Des hackers détournent des sites de l&rsquo;UE pour voler des infos bancaires
thumbnail PayPal Notifies 35,000 Users of Data Breach
thumbnail ManageEngine CVE-2022-47966 Technical Deep Dive
thumbnail T-Mobile hacked to steal data of 37 million accounts in API data breach
thumbnail Hackers push malware via Google search ads for VLC, 7-Zip, CCleaner
thumbnail DNS changer in malicious mobile app used by Roaming Mantis
thumbnail Batloader Malware Abuses Legitimate Tools Uses Obfuscated JavaScript Files in Q4 2022 Attacks
thumbnail Apple launches major security updates around the world
thumbnail Mailchimp says it was hacked — again
thumbnail Russian founder of a cryptocurrency exchange known for funneling ransomware profits arrested
thumbnail Assessing Potential Exploitation of Sophos Firewall and CVE-2022-3236
thumbnail Can you rely on macOS Ventura for malware protection?
thumbnail 7 Ways Threat Actors Deliver macOS Malware in the Enterprise
thumbnail InfoSec Handlers Diary Blog - SANS Internet Storm Center
thumbnail Google Ads Exploited to Spread Malware
thumbnail Google Ads Malware Wipes NFT Influencer's Crypto Wallet
thumbnail Supply Chain Attack Using Identical PyPI Packages, “colorslib”, “httpslib”, and “libhttps”
thumbnail Vice Society ransomware leaks University of Duisburg-Essen’s data
thumbnail NortonLifeLock warns that hackers breached Password Manager accounts
thumbnail Défense : les interrogations de l’état-major français face aux opérations cyber américaines en Europe
thumbnail Sustaining Digital Certificate Security - TrustCor Certificate Distrust
thumbnail Compromise of employee device, credentials led to CircleCI breach
thumbnail A Police App Exposed Secret Details About Raids and Suspects | WIRED
thumbnail Watch: Ukraine Army Video Tells Russians How to Surrender to a Drone
thumbnail Accidentally Crashing a Botnet
thumbnail Pro-Russia hackers use Telegram, GitHub to attack Czech presidential election
thumbnail Royal Mail ransomware attackers threaten to publish stolen data
thumbnail NoName057(16) - The Pro-Russian Hacktivist Group Targeting NATO
thumbnail StrongPity espionage campaign targeting Android users
thumbnail Misconfigured PostgreSQL Used to Target Kubernetes Clusters
thumbnail Raspberry Robin's botnet second life
thumbnail The OWASSRF + TabShell exploit chain
thumbnail Nouvelles règles: Boom des enregistrements de pilotes de drone en Suisse
thumbnail New Paper on Old Threema Protocol
thumbnail Air France and KLM notify customers of account hacks
thumbnail Armed With ChatGPT, Cybercriminals Build Malware And Plot Fake Girl Bots
thumbnail Schools hit by cyber attack and documents leaked
thumbnail Twitter leak: 200m+ account database now free to download
thumbnail Slack Security Update
thumbnail Cyberattack shutters the Guardian's office for a month
thumbnail CircleCI warns of security breach — rotate your secrets!
thumbnail Jenkins discloses dozens of zero-day bugs in multiple plugins
thumbnail Web Hackers vs. The Auto Industry: Critical Vulnerabilities in Ferrari, BMW, Rolls Royce, Porsche, and More
thumbnail How do you know when macOS detects and remediates malware?
thumbnail Data of over 200 million Deezer users stolen, leaks on hacking forum
thumbnail New CatB Ransomware Employs 2-Year Old DLL Hijacking Technique To Evade Detection
thumbnail Piratage Adecco : des données personnelles et bancaires (IBAN) dans la nature
thumbnail Shc Linux Malware Installing CoinMiner
thumbnail Ukraine Has Digitized Its Fighting Forces on a Shoestring
thumbnail The Mac Malware of 2022 👾
thumbnail Compromised PyTorch-nightly dependency chain between December 25th and December 30th, 2022.
thumbnail U.S. targeted adversary cyber infrastructure to safeguard midterm vote
thumbnail Ransomware gang gives decryptor to Toronto’s SickKids Hospital
thumbnail Russian cyberattacks - Special Services - website
thumbnail New YouTube Bot Malware Spotted Stealing User’s Sensitive Information
thumbnail Pure coder offers multiple malware for sale in Darkweb forums
thumbnail zhuowei/WDBFontOverwrite: Proof-of-concept app to overwrite fonts on iOS using CVE-2022-46689.
thumbnail Twitter in data-protection probe after '400 million' user details up for sale
thumbnail ZINC weaponizing open-source software - Microsoft Security Blog
thumbnail ZetaNile: Open source software trojans from North Korea
thumbnail New RisePro Stealer distributed by the prominent PrivateLoader
thumbnail Cost of data breaches to surpass US$5mn per incident in 2023
thumbnail What’s in a PR statement: LastPass breach explained
thumbnail Shlayer Malware: Continued Use of Flash Updates
thumbnail Shlayer malware abusing Gatekeeper bypass on macOS
thumbnail L’art de l’évasion How Shlayer hides its configuration inside Apple proprietary DMG files
thumbnail Hacker claims to be selling Twitter data of 400 million users
thumbnail Threat Spotlight: XLLing in Excel - threat actors using malicious add-ins
thumbnail Raspberry Robin Malware Targets Telecom, Governments
thumbnail Custom-Branded Ransomware: The Vice Society Group and the Threat of Outsourced Development - SentinelOne
thumbnail An infostealer comes to town: Dissecting a highly evasive malware targeting Italy
thumbnail Notice of Recent Security Incident
thumbnail New Ransomware Strains Emerging from Leaked Conti’s Source Code  
thumbnail EXCLUSIVE: TikTok Spied On Forbes Journalists
thumbnail Meddler-in-the-Middle Phishing Attacks Explained MitM
thumbnail Stolen certificates in two waves of ransomware and wiper attacks | Securelist
thumbnail New Kiss-a-dog Cryptojacking Campaign Targets Docker and Kubernetes
thumbnail A Roomba recorded a woman on the toilet. How did screenshots end up on Facebook?
thumbnail Guardian hit by serious IT incident believed to be ransomware attack
thumbnail Okta's source code stolen after GitHub repositories hacked
thumbnail 2022: A Look Back On A Year Of Mass Exploitation
thumbnail SentinelSneak: Malicious PyPI module poses as security software development kit
thumbnail CVE-2022-41040 and CVE-2022-41082 – zero-days in MS Exchange
thumbnail GoTrim: Go-based Botnet Actively Brute Forces WordPress Websites
thumbnail Support King, banned by FTC, linked to new phone spying operation
thumbnail Google ads lead to fake software pages pushing IcedID (Bokbot)
thumbnail How ChatGPT can turn anyone into a ransomware and malware threat actor  
thumbnail Global crackdown against DDoS services shuts down most popular platforms
thumbnail Très courtisées, les sociétés suisses de cybersécurité s’arrachent
thumbnail Microsoft-signed malicious Windows drivers used in ransomware attacks
thumbnail A Custom Python Backdoor for VMWare ESXi Servers
thumbnail Apple fixes 'actively exploited' zero-day security vulnerability affecting most iPhones
thumbnail Mallox Ransomware showing signs of Increased Activity
thumbnail State-sponsored attackers actively exploiting RCE in Citrix devices, patch ASAP! (CVE-2022-27518)
thumbnail Released: Citrix ADC and Citrix Gateway (security bulletin CTX474995) security update
thumbnail Check Point Research analyzes files on the Dark Web and finds millions of records available
thumbnail Pulling the Curtains on Azov Ransomware: Not a Skidsware but Polymorphic Wiper - Check Point Research
thumbnail Scammers Are Scamming Other Scammers Out of Millions of Dollars
thumbnail Phylum Detects Ongoing Typosquat/Ransomware Campaign in PyPI and NPM
thumbnail Apple announces 3 new security features
thumbnail Cisco discloses high-severity IP phone zero-day with exploit code
thumbnail Pilfered Keys Free App Infected by Malware Steals Keychain Data
thumbnail Cryptocurrency Scam - Pig Butchering
thumbnail Pulse Connect Secure: A View from the Internet
thumbnail Gaming firm Razer wins lawsuit against IT vendor over data leak, awarded $8.7m in damages
thumbnail Hitching a ride with Mustang Panda
thumbnail New MuddyWater Threat: Old Kitten; New Tricks
thumbnail Apple rolls out end-to-end encryption for iCloud backups
thumbnail Mustang Panda Uses the Russian-Ukrainian War to Attack Europe and Asia Pacific Targets
thumbnail Leaked: The Altrnativ world of cybersurveillance
thumbnail Top 10 macOS Malware Discoveries in 2022
thumbnail Zerobot – New Go-Based Botnet Campaign Targets Multiple Vulnerabilities
thumbnail Vice Society: Profiling a Persistent Threat to the Education Sector
thumbnail Le renseignement espagnol muet sur le scandale du logiciel espion Pegasus
thumbnail Critical Ping Vulnerability Allows Remote Attackers to Take Over FreeBSD Systems
thumbnail Winbiz change d’hébergeur: des milliers de clients toujours sans accès à leur comptabilité | ICTjournal
thumbnail Blowing Cobalt Strike Out of the Water With Memory Analysis
thumbnail Suspected Iran-Nexus TAG-56 Uses UAE Forum Lure for Credential Theft Against US Think Tank
thumbnail W4SP continues to nest in PyPI: Same supply chain attack, different distribution method
thumbnail Post-quantum cryptography: What is Emmanuel Macron talking about?
thumbnail Purpose Built Proxy Services and the Malicious Activity They Enable
thumbnail CVE-2022-21661: Exposing Database Info via WordPress SQL Injection
thumbnail Connected medical devices are the Achilles' heel of healthcare orgs - Help Net Security
thumbnail Schoolyard Bully Trojan Facebook Credential Stealer - Zimperium
thumbnail En matière de transparence, communes et cantons sont à la traîne
thumbnail Yvelines : cyberattaque contre l'hôpital André Mignot du centre hospitalier de Versailles
thumbnail Preparing for a Russian cyber offensive against Ukraine this winter
thumbnail Darknet markets generate millions in revenue selling stolen personal data
thumbnail Fuite de données sensibles au Département de la justice à Zurich
thumbnail La cybersécurité disposera de son propre office fédéral en Suisse
thumbnail The Mystery of Metador | Unpicking Mafalda’s Anti-Analysis Techniques
thumbnail Samsung, LG, Mediatek certificates compromised to sign Android malware
thumbnail Google Online Security Blog: Memory Safe Languages in Android 13
thumbnail Multiple Organisations compromised by Critical Authentication Bypass Vulnerability in Fortinet Products (CVE-2022-40684)
thumbnail Lastpass says hackers accessed customer data in new breach
thumbnail LockBit 3.0 ‘Black’ attacks and leaks reveal wormable capabilities and tooling
thumbnail Play, ce nouveau ransomware utilisé contre les Alpes-Maritimes et ITS Group
thumbnail Libye: la mise en examen de la société française Amesys et l'inculpation de deux cadres, confirmées en appel
thumbnail U.S. bans sale and import of some tech from Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE
thumbnail Detecting and Fingerprinting Infostealer Malware-as-a-Service platforms
thumbnail Google pushes emergency Chrome update to fix 8th zero-day in 2022
thumbnail Ransomware Roundup: Cryptonite Ransomware
thumbnail Suisse: Une cyberattaque bloque la comptabilité de milliers de sociétés
thumbnail Des dizaines de milliers d'entreprises victimes indirectes d'une cyberattaque
thumbnail Nighthawk: An Up-and-Coming Pentest Tool Likely to Gain Threat Actor Notice | Proofpoint US
thumbnail Nokia warns 5G security ‘breaches are the rule, not the exception’
thumbnail Android SharkBot Droppers on Google Play Underline Platform's Security Needs
thumbnail Why would you want to hack Electric Vehicle Charging Stations?
thumbnail Researchers Explore Hacking VirusTotal to Find Stolen Credentials
thumbnail Over 2 million users Affected with Browser Hijackers
thumbnail Aurora: a rising stealer flying under the radar
thumbnail A Leak Details Apple's Secret Dirt on Corellium, a Trusted Security Startup
thumbnail Le ministre de l'Éducation nationale ne veut pas de Microsoft Office 365 ni de Google Workspace
thumbnail Endurance Ransomware Claims Breach of US Federal Government
thumbnail Vanuatu: Hackers strand Pacific island government for over a week
thumbnail Control Your Types or Get Pwned: Remote Code Execution in Exchange PowerShell Backend
thumbnail Exploit released for actively abused ProxyNotShell Exchange bug
thumbnail Making Cobalt Strike harder for threat actors to abuse
thumbnail Wi-Spy
thumbnail Technical Analysis of the RedLine Stealer
thumbnail AXLocker, Octocrypt, and Alice: Leading a new wave of Ransomware Campaigns
thumbnail Michigan school districts reopen after three-day closure due to ransomware attack
thumbnail A Comprehensive Look at Emotet’s Fall 2022 Return
thumbnail CVE-2022-41622 and CVE-2022-41800 (FIXED): F5 BIG-IP and iControl REST Vulnerabilities and Exposures
thumbnail Firefox fixes fullscreen fakery flaw – get the update now! – Naked Security
thumbnail Cryptex: how a custom iPhone is changing macOS updates – The Eclectic Light Company
thumbnail New RapperBot Campaign – We Know What You Bruting for this Time
thumbnail Google Reaches $391.5 Million Settlement With States Over Location Tracking Practices
thumbnail CVE-2022-45047: Apache MINA SSHD unsafe deserialization vulnerability
thumbnail BumbleBee Zeros in on Meterpreter
thumbnail Apple Hit With Class Action Alleging It Tracks Users Despite Privacy Assurances
thumbnail LockBit ransomware suspect nabbed in Canada, faces charges in the US
thumbnail Compromising Plesk via its REST API
thumbnail Exploring ZIP Mark-of-the-Web Bypass Vulnerability (CVE-2022-41049)
thumbnail PNG Steganography Hides Backdoor
thumbnail Massive ois[.]is Black Hat Redirect Malware Campaign
thumbnail Threat Spotlight: Cyber Criminal Adoption of IPFS for Phishing, Malware Campaigns
thumbnail Attacking Apple's Neural Engine
thumbnail Prigozhin interests and Russian information operations
thumbnail Mysterious company with government ties plays key internet role
thumbnail Microsoft fixes many zero-days under attack
thumbnail The Case of Cloud9 Chrome Botnet
thumbnail A cyberattack blocked the trains in Denmark
thumbnail Nation-state cyberattacks become more brazen as authoritarian leaders ramp up aggression
thumbnail Insurance giant settles NotPetya lawsuit, signaling cyber insurance shakeup
thumbnail Inside the global hack-for-hire industry
thumbnail Crime group hijacks hundreds of US news websites to push malware
thumbnail Last Week on My Mac: Home truths about macOS
thumbnail Department for Education warned after gambling companies benefit from learning records database
thumbnail How Qatar hacked the World Cup
thumbnail Apple's Poor Patching Policies Potentially Make Users' Security and Privacy Precarious
thumbnail Microsoft ties Vice Society hackers to additional ransomware strains
thumbnail Crimson Kingsnake: BEC Group Impersonates…
thumbnail Exploiting Static Site Generators: When Static Is Not Actually Static
thumbnail Black Basta Ransomware | Attacks Deploy Custom EDR Evasion Tools Tied to FIN7 Threat Actor
thumbnail Malware on the Google Play store leads to harmful phishing sites
thumbnail Malicious App Developer Remains on Google Play
thumbnail U.S. banks processed about $1.2 billion in ransomware payments in 2021
thumbnail Nothing PUNY About OpenSSL (CVE-2022-3602)
thumbnail Phylum Discovers Dozens More PyPI Packages Attempting to Deliver W4SP Stealer in Ongoing Supply-Chain Attack
thumbnail New Azov data wiper tries to frame researchers and BleepingComputer
thumbnail Unmasking WindTape - Speaker Deck
thumbnail How we handled a recent phishing incident that targeted Dropbox
thumbnail Dormant Colors browser hijackers could be used for more nefarious tasks, report says
thumbnail The Hunt for the Kingpin Behind AlphaBay, Part 1: The Shadow | WIRED
thumbnail Inside TheTruthSpy, the stalkerware network spying on thousands • TechCrunch
thumbnail What is ransomware-as-a-service and how is it evolving?
thumbnail Incident Report: Employee and Customer Account Compromise
thumbnail SiriSpy - iOS bug allowed apps to eavesdrop on your conversations with Siri
thumbnail LV Ransomware Exploits ProxyShell in Attack on a Jordan-based Company
thumbnail Pro-PRC DRAGONBRIDGE Influence Campaign Leverages New TTPs to Aggressively Target U.S. Interests, Including Midterm Elections
thumbnail Stranger Strings: An exploitable flaw in SQLite
thumbnail Advisory: Atlassian Jira Align Application, Version… | Bishop Fox
thumbnail Unattributed RomCom Threat Actor Spoofing Popular Apps Now Hits Ukrainian Militaries
thumbnail TommyLeaks and SchoolBoys: Two sides of the same ransomware gang
thumbnail “Dormant Colors”: Live Campaign With Over 1M Data Stealing Extensions Installed
thumbnail Intelligence Insights: October 2022
thumbnail Mirai, RAR1Ransom, and GuardMiner – Multiple Malware Campaigns Target VMware Vulnerability
thumbnail Operation Jackal: Interpol arrests Black Axe fraud suspects
thumbnail Mairies : les pirates du groupe CUBA vident deux mairies françaises de leurs contenus
thumbnail Exploited Windows zero-day lets JavaScript files bypass security warnings
thumbnail Analysis of a Remote Code Execution (RCE) Vulnerability in Cobalt Strike 4.7.1
thumbnail Reverse Engineering the Apple MultiPeer Connectivity Framework
thumbnail How Vice Society got away with a global ransomware spree | Ars Technica
thumbnail Starlink signals can be reverse-engineered to work like GPS—whether SpaceX likes it or not
thumbnail Archive Sidestepping: Emotet Botnet Pushing Self-Unlocking Password-Protected RAR
thumbnail From RM3 to LDR4: URSNIF Leaves Banking Fraud Behind
thumbnail Domestic Kitten campaign spying on Iranian citizens with new FurBall malware
thumbnail Grâce à une fausse enceinte Bluetooth JBL, ils réussissaient à voler des voitures
thumbnail Melting the DNS Iceberg: Taking over your infrastructure Kaminsky style
thumbnail TeamTNT Returns – or Does It?
thumbnail Nouvelle cyberattaque contre le Réseau pédagogique neuchâtelois
thumbnail Cyberattaque : comment Caen a évité le pire grâce à l’EDR d’HarfangLab
thumbnail SafeBreach Uncovers Fully Undetectable Powershell Backdoor
thumbnail A New Attack Surface on MS Exchange Part 4 - ProxyRelay!
thumbnail CVE-2022-42889: Keep Calm and Stop Saying "4Shell"
thumbnail Cyble Phishing ERMAC Android Malware Increasingly Active
thumbnail Ransom Cartel Ransomware: A Possible Connection With REvil
thumbnail BianLian Ransomware Encrypts Files in the Blink of an Eye
thumbnail New “Prestige” ransomware impacts organizations in Ukraine and Poland
thumbnail Microsoft Office 365 Message Encryption Insecure Mode of Operation | WithSecure™ Labs
thumbnail New PHP Variant of Ducktail Infostealer Targeting Facebook Business Accounts
thumbnail Software Delivery Shield protects the software supply chain
thumbnail Threat Alert: Private npm Packages Disclosed via Timing Attacks
thumbnail Alchimist: A new attack framework in Chinese for Mac, Linux and Windows
thumbnail Black Basta Ransomware Gang Infiltrates networks via QAKBOT, Brute Ratel, and Cobalt Strike
thumbnail POLONIUM targets Israel with Creepy malware
thumbnail Malicious WhatsApp mod distributed through legitimate apps
thumbnail Ransomware : qui paie et pourquoi ?
thumbnail The Fresh Phish Market: Behind the Scenes of the Caffeine Phishing-as-a-Service Platform
thumbnail New US Executive Order unlikely to satisfy EU law
thumbnail Fake Ransomware Infection Under widespread
thumbnail Intel Confirms Alder Lake BIOS Source Code Leak
thumbnail Software Supply Chain Attackers; Organized, Persistent, and Operating for over a Year
thumbnail On Agent Compromise in the Field
thumbnail Hackers release data after LAUSD refuses to pay ransom
thumbnail Jamf Threat Labs identifies macOS Archive Utility vulnerability allowing for Gatekeeper bypass (CVE-2022-32910)
thumbnail White House announces new surveillance guardrails to meet EU Privacy Shield expectations
thumbnail CVE-2022-40684: Critical Authentication Bypass in FortiOS and FortiProxy
thumbnail CVE-2022-41352
thumbnail Man arrested for alleged data breach SMS scam
thumbnail MSSQL, meet Maggie. A novel backdoor for Microsoft SQL…
thumbnail How 3 hours of inaction from Amazon cost cryptocurrency holders $235,000
thumbnail Remove All The Callbacks – BlackByte Ransomware Disables EDR Via RTCore64.sys Abuse
thumbnail PHP Supply Chain Attack on Composer
thumbnail Bumblebee: increasing its capacity and evolving its TTPs
thumbnail Malicious Tor Browser spreads through YouTube
thumbnail A glimpse into the shadowy realm of a Chinese APT: detailed analysis of a ShadowPad intrusion – NCC Group Research
thumbnail DeftTorero TTPs in 2019–2021
thumbnail Bad VIB(E)s Part One: Investigating Novel Malware Persistence Within ESXi Hypervisors | Mandiant
thumbnail Lazarus hackers abuse Dell driver bug using new FudModule rootkit
thumbnail Amazon‑themed campaigns of Lazarus in the Netherlands and Belgium
thumbnail Ukraine warns of 'massive cyberattacks' coming from Russia on critical infrastructure sites
thumbnail Mystery Hackers Are ‘Hyperjacking’ Targets for Insidious Spying
thumbnail Chaos is a Go-based Swiss army knife of malware
thumbnail Warning: New attack campaign utilized a new 0-day RCE vulnerability on Microsoft Exchange Server
thumbnail Witchetty: Group Uses Updated Toolset in Attacks on Governments in Middle East
thumbnail ZINC weaponizing open-source software
thumbnail Lindy Cameron at Chatham House security and defence conference 2022
thumbnail BumbleBee: Round Two
thumbnail NullMixer drops Redline Stealer, SmokeLoader and other malware | Securelist
thumbnail Lazarus ‘Operation In(ter)ception’ Targets macOS Users Dreaming of Jobs in Crypto
thumbnail Slack’s and Teams’ Lax App Security Raises Alarms
thumbnail Poseidon’s Offspring: Charybdis and Scylla
thumbnail In the footsteps of the Fancy Bear: PowerPoint mouse-over event abused to deliver Graphite implants
thumbnail GRU: Rise of the (Telegram) MinIOns
thumbnail BitBucket Server and Data Center at risk via Command Injection Vulnerability
thumbnail Resolved RCE in Sophos Firewall (CVE-2022-3236)
thumbnail New Malware Campaign Targets Zoom Users
thumbnail 2K Games' Support System Hacked
thumbnail Unpatched 15-year old Python bug allows code execution in 350k projects
thumbnail Tarfile: Exploiting the World With a 15-Year-Old Vulnerability
thumbnail Noberus Ransomware: Darkside and BlackMatter Successor Continues to Evolve its Tactics
thumbnail Malicious OAuth applications abuse cloud email services to spread spam
thumbnail Void Balaur | The Sprawling Infrastructure of a Careless Mercenary
thumbnail The Apple security landscape: Moving into the world of enterprise risk
thumbnail Apple Kills Passwords in iOS 16 and macOS Ventura | WIRED
thumbnail Domain Shadowing: A Stealthy Use of DNS Compromise for Cybercrime
thumbnail Revealed: US Military Bought Mass Monitoring Tool That Includes Internet Browsing, Email Data
thumbnail Los Angeles School District Hit by Ransomware Attack
thumbnail Online Attack Disrupts Michigan School District for 2nd Day
thumbnail LockBit ransomware builder leaked online by “angry developer”
thumbnail Azure Cloud Shell Command Injection Stealing User’s Access Tokens
thumbnail Threat Alert: New Malware in the Cloud By TeamTNT
thumbnail Chromium Blog: Announcing the Launch of the Chrome Root Program
thumbnail Affaire Pegasus: l'Union européenne se penche sur le dossier suisse - - Monde
thumbnail Six months into Breached: The legacy of RaidForums?
thumbnail Incoscienti e sfacciati: le tecniche dei teenager che violano aziende
thumbnail Revolut hack exposes data of 50,000 users, fuels new phishing wave
thumbnail Credential Gathering From Third-Party Software
thumbnail Malvertising on Microsoft Edge's News Feed pushes tech support scams
thumbnail Ermittlungserfolg gegen Ransomware-Gruppierung
thumbnail GTA 6 gameplay leaks online in 90 videos
thumbnail Security update
thumbnail Iran’s cyberwar goes global
thumbnail Webworm: Espionage Attackers Testing and Using Older Modified RATs
thumbnail RedLine spreads through ads for cheats and cracks on YouTube
thumbnail Undermining Microsoft Teams Security by Mining Tokens
thumbnail How Human Traffickers Force Victims Into Cyberscamming
thumbnail Charming Kitten: “Can We Have A Meeting?”
thumbnail Breach of software maker used to backdoor as many as 200,000 servers
thumbnail New Wave of Espionage Activity Targets Asian Governments
thumbnail Bumblebee Returns with New Infection Technique
thumbnail Lampion Trojan Utilizes New Delivery through Cloud-Based Sharing
thumbnail Dead or Alive? An Emotet Story
thumbnail The Curious Case of “Monti” Ransomware: A Real-World Doppelganger
thumbnail Inside Fog Data Science, the Secretive Company Selling Mass Surveillance to Local Police
thumbnail Likely Iranian Threat Actor Conducts Politically Motivated Disruptive Activity Against Albanian Government Organizations
thumbnail Corte dei conti e l'hacker che ha violato account WhatsApp
thumbnail Campagne de phishing Instagram : la certification sur les réseaux sociaux, ou le nouveau piège des hackers
thumbnail Documentos portugueses da NATO apanhados à venda na darkweb
thumbnail Microsoft investigates Iranian attacks against the Albanian government
thumbnail Crimeware Trends | Ransomware Developers Turn to Intermittent Encryption to Evade Detection
thumbnail L'Albanie accuse l'Iran d'une cyberattaque qui a paralysé ses services publics
thumbnail Conti vs. Monti: A Reinvention or Just a Simple Rebranding?
thumbnail Centre hospitalier Sud-Francilien : ce que dit l’autopsie de la cyberattaque
thumbnail PSA: Nearly 5 Million Attacks Blocked Targeting 0-Day in BackupBuddy Plugin
thumbnail MagicRAT: Lazarus’ latest gateway into victim networks
thumbnail Shikitega - New stealthy malware targeting Linux
thumbnail Mirai Variant MooBot Targeting D-Link Devices
thumbnail QNAP warns of zero-day vulnerability in latest DeadBolt ransomware campaign
thumbnail SafeBreach Uncovers New Remote Access Trojan (RAT)
thumbnail Malicious Cookie Stuffing Chrome Extensions with 1.4 Million Users
thumbnail Sharkbot is back in Google Play
thumbnail Stealing Clouds
thumbnail Hackers Create Traffic Jam in Moscow by Ordering Dozens of Taxis at Once Through App
thumbnail PyPI Phishing Campaign | JuiceLedger Threat Actor Pivots From Fake Apps to Supply Chain Attacks
thumbnail Tech tool offers police ‘mass surveillance on a budget’
thumbnail Researchers found one-click exploits in Discord and Teams
thumbnail Traffers: a deep dive into the information stealer ecosystem
thumbnail Cette entreprise vend des données aussi sensibles que des visites dans des centres IVG - Numerama
thumbnail FTC says data broker sold consumers’ precise geolocation, including presence at sensitive healthcare facilities
thumbnail EU and Greece veer toward standoff over wiretapping scandal – POLITICO
thumbnail 5G Networks Are Worryingly Hackable
thumbnail Kimsuky’s GoldDragon cluster and its C2 operations | Securelist
thumbnail Revealing Europe's NSO
thumbnail An interview with initial access broker Wazawaka: 'There is no such money anywhere as there is in ransomware
thumbnail Linux Kernel Exploit (CVE-2022-32250) with mqueue
thumbnail Roasting 0ktapus: The phishing campaign going after Okta identity credentials
thumbnail Looking for the ‘Sliver’ lining: Hunting for emerging command-and-control frameworks - Microsoft Security Blog
thumbnail MagicWeb: NOBELIUM’s post-compromise trick to authenticate as anyone
thumbnail Legitimate SaaS Platforms Being Used to Host Phishing Attacks
thumbnail XCSSET Malware Update | macOS Threat Actors Prepare for Life Without Python
thumbnail Vulnerability in Linux containers – investigation and mitigation
thumbnail THREAT ANALYSIS REPORT: Bumblebee Loader – The High Road to Enterprise Domain Control
thumbnail Fake DDoS Pages On WordPress Sites Lead to Drive-By-Downloads
thumbnail Lloyd’s to Exclude Catastrophic Nation-Backed Cyberattacks From Insurance Coverage
thumbnail CVE-2022-27925
thumbnail Google And Cloudflare Are Changing The Trust Infrastructure of the Internet: A Long Goodbye to RSA and a Hello to ECC and ECDSA
thumbnail New macOS malware 'CloudMensis' detected and prevented
thumbnail Overview of the Cyber Weapons Used in the Ukraine
thumbnail Reservations Requested: TA558 Targets Hospitality and Travel
thumbnail Making Sense of the Killnet, Russia’s Favorite Hacktivists
thumbnail Disrupting SEABORGIUM’s ongoing phishing operations
thumbnail Operation In(ter)ception: Aerospace and military companies in the crosshairs of cyberspies | WeLiveSecurity
thumbnail North Korean hackers use signed macOS malware to target IT job seekers
thumbnail An inside view of domain anonymization as-a-service
thumbnail The Return of LOIC, HOIC, HULK, and Slowloris to the Threat Landscape
thumbnail DigitalOcean says customer email addresses were exposed after latest Mailchimp breach – TechCrunch
thumbnail Impact to DigitalOcean customers resulting from Mailchimp security incident
thumbnail Ransomware Now Threatens the Global South
thumbnail Zoom’s latest update on Mac includes a fix for a dangerous security flaw
thumbnail NHS IT supplier held to ransom by hackers
thumbnail Cisco confirms May attack by Yanluowang ransomware group
thumbnail Phishers who breached Twilio and targeted Cloudflare could easily get you, too
thumbnail Hands-on with Lockdown Mode in iOS 16
thumbnail You're M̶u̶t̶e̶d̶ Rooted
thumbnail Palo Alto bug used for DDoS attacks and there's no fix yet
thumbnail The Hacking of Starlink Terminals Has Begun
thumbnail CISA warns of Windows and UnRAR flaws exploited in the wild
thumbnail Comprehensive Threat Intelligence: Cisco Talos shares insights related to recent cyber attack on Cisco
thumbnail So RapperBot, What Ya Bruting For?
thumbnail Greek intelligence service admits spying on journalist
thumbnail Last Week on My Mac: Is your Mac still secure from malware?
thumbnail Attackers leveraging Dark Utilities "C2aaS" platform in malware campaigns
thumbnail Woody RAT: A new feature-rich malware spotted in the wild
thumbnail A Detailed Analysis of the RedLine Stealer
thumbnail Manjusaka: A Chinese sibling of Sliver and Cobalt Strike
thumbnail Large-Scale AiTM Attack targeting enterprise users of Microsoft email services
thumbnail Raccoon Stealer v2: The Latest Generation of the Raccoon Family
thumbnail Investigation report about the abuse of the Mac Appstore | by Privacy1St
thumbnail A Cyberattack Illuminates the Shaky State of Student Privacy
thumbnail Discovery of new UEFI rootkit exposes an ugly truth: The attacks are invisible to us
thumbnail Microsoft links Raspberry Robin malware to Evil Corp attacks
thumbnail IPFS: The New Hotbed of Phishing
thumbnail SEKOIA.IO Mid-2022 Ransomware Threat Landscape
thumbnail LockBit Implements New Technique by Leaking Victim Negotiations
thumbnail LockBit Ransomware Group Augments Its Latest Variant, LockBit 3.0, With BlackMatter Capabilities
thumbnail Untangling KNOTWEED: European private-sector offensive actor using 0-day exploits
thumbnail Justice Department seizes $500K from North Korean hackers who targeted US medical organizations
thumbnail 8220 Gang Massively Expands Cloud Botnet to 30,000 Infected Hosts
thumbnail Kaspersky report on Luna and Black Basta ransomware
thumbnail Exclusive: U.S. probes China's Huawei over equipment near missile silos
thumbnail [CVE-2022-34918] A crack in the Linux firewall
thumbnail Google ads lead to major malvertising campaign
thumbnail Russia Released a Ukrainian App for Hacking Russia That Was Actually Malware
thumbnail China: Declaration by the Minister for Foreign Affairs on behalf of the Belgian Government urging Chinese authorities to take action against malicious cyber activities undertaken by Chinese actors
thumbnail I see what you did there: A look at the CloudMensis macOS spyware
thumbnail Pegasus used to spy on protesters, a popular actress, and dozens more in Thailand, report shows
thumbnail Busting browser fails: What attackers see when they hack your employees’ browser
thumbnail Joker, Facestealer and Coper banking malwares on Google Play store
thumbnail How I Hacked my Car Guides: Creating Custom Firmware
thumbnail CVE-2022-30333
thumbnail North Korean threat actor targets small and midsize businesses with H0lyGh0st ransomware
thumbnail Did You Know Your Browser’s Autofill Credentials Could Be Stolen via Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
thumbnail Google Play hides app permissions in favor of developer-written descriptions
thumbnail From cookie theft to BEC: Attackers use AiTM phishing sites as entry point to further financial fraud
thumbnail Ongoing phishing campaign can hack you even when you’re protected with MFA
thumbnail European Central Bank head targeted in hacking attempt
thumbnail Vice Society: a discreet but steady double extortion ransomware group
thumbnail Why organizations should (and should not) worry about…
thumbnail The US military wants to understand the most important software on Earth
thumbnail A New Attack Can Unmask Anonymous Users on Any Major Browser
thumbnail En Suisse, les Tesla filmant en permanence posent de gros problèmes
thumbnail Uncovering a macOS App Sandbox escape vulnerability: A deep dive into CVE-2022-26706 - Microsoft Security Blog
thumbnail Europe’s PegasusGate: Countering spyware abuse
thumbnail Russia, Killnet ha dichiarato guerra ai paesi che sostengono l'Ucraina
thumbnail Verified Twitter accounts phished via hate speech warnings
thumbnail Predatory Sparrow: Who are the hackers who say they started a fire in Iran?
thumbnail THREAT ALERT: Raspberry Robin Worm Abuses Windows Installer and QNAP Devices
thumbnail Identifier les détenteurs de véhicules peut être dangereux, en Suisse comme aux Etats-Unis
thumbnail The Danger of License Plate Readers in Post-Roe America | WIRED
thumbnail 'I can fight with a keyboard': How one Ukrainian IT specialist exposed a notorious Russian ransomware gang
thumbnail Hacktivists claiming attack on Iranian steel facilities dump tranche of 'top secret documents
thumbnail Google Let Sberbank-Owned RuTarget Harvest User Data for Months
thumbnail Il malware EnvyScout (APT29) è stato veicolato anche in Italia
thumbnail This Is the Code the FBI Used to Wiretap the World
thumbnail Cybersecurity experts question Microsoft's Ukraine report
thumbnail After invasion of Ukraine, a reckoning on Russian influence in Austria
thumbnail China Police Database Was Left Open Online for Over a Year, Enabling Leak
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thumbnail Why the Equation Group (EQGRP) is NOT the NSA | xorl %eax, %eax
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thumbnail Microsoft finds Raspberry Robin worm in hundreds of Windows networks
thumbnail Ransomware review: June 2022
thumbnail Mandiant Finds Possible Link Between Kremlin, Pro-Russian ‘Hacktivists’
thumbnail Flubot: the evolution of a notorious Android Banking Malware
thumbnail The SessionManager IIS backdoor: a possibly overlooked GELSEMIUM artefact
thumbnail ZuoRAT Hijacks SOHO Routers to Silently Stalk Networks
thumbnail Facing reality? Law enforcement and the challenge of deepfakes
thumbnail FBI warns hackers are using deepfakes to apply for jobs
thumbnail Unrar Path Traversal Vulnerability affects Zimbra Mail
thumbnail Conti vs. LockBit: A Comparative Analysis of Ransomware Groups
thumbnail LockBit 3.0 introduces the first ransomware bug bounty program
thumbnail The Untold Story of NotPetya, the Most Devastating Cyberattack in History
thumbnail Python packages upload your AWS keys, env vars, secrets to the web
thumbnail The hateful eight: Kaspersky’s guide to modern ransomware groups’ TTPs
thumbnail There Is More Than One Way to Sleep: Dive Deep Into the Implementations of API Hammering by Various Malware Families
thumbnail From NtObjectManager to PetitPotam
thumbnail Conti ransomware finally shuts down data leak, negotiation sites
thumbnail NSA, Partners Recommend Properly Configuring, Monitoring PowerShell in New Report
thumbnail 7-zip now supports Windows ‘Mark-of-the-Web’ security feature
thumbnail Raspberry Robin gets the worm early
thumbnail The forgotten SUAVEEYEFUL FreeBSD software implant of the EQUATION GROUP
thumbnail The curious tale of a fake
thumbnail Spyware vendor targets users in Italy and Kazakhstan
thumbnail APT ToddyCat
thumbnail Defending Ukraine: Early Lessons from the Cyber War
thumbnail Microsoft Plans to Eliminate Face Analysis Tools in Push for ‘Responsible A.I.’
thumbnail How Russia’s vaunted cyber capabilities were frustrated in Ukraine
thumbnail Council conclusions on a Framework for a coordinated EU response to hybrid campaigns
thumbnail Nothing Has Changed: Website Retailers Selling Domains Meant for Illicit Goods and Services, Digital Citizens Alliance Investigation Finds
thumbnail The Cybersecurity 202: Internet domain names are ripe for scam during coronavirus crisis
thumbnail FBI says fraud on LinkedIn a 'significant threat' to platform and consumers
thumbnail Russia's APT28 uses fear of nuclear war to spread Follina docs in Ukraine
thumbnail Zero Day Initiative — CVE-2022-23088: Exploiting a Heap Overflow in the FreeBSD Wi-Fi Stack
thumbnail BRATA is evolving into an Advanced Persistent Threat
thumbnail Lookout Découverte d'un logiciel espion Android déployé au Kazakhstan
thumbnail What It Means that the U.S. Is Conducting Offensive Cyber Operations Against Russia
thumbnail Last Week on My Mac: Introducing XProtect Remediator, successor to MRT – The Eclectic Light Company
thumbnail Analysis of dark web posts selling access to corporate networks
thumbnail Telerik UI exploitation leads to cryptominer, Cobalt Strike infections
thumbnail Police Linked to Hacking Campaign to Frame Indian Activists
thumbnail Zimbra Email - Stealing Clear-Text Credentials via Memcache injection
thumbnail Alphv-BlackCat non è più solo darkweb, pubblica anche su Internet "in chiaro"
thumbnail A new vulnerability in Intel and AMD CPUs lets hackers steal encryption keys
thumbnail Linux Threat Hunting: 'Syslogk' a kernel rootkit found under development in the wild
thumbnail Vulnerability discovered in Apple M1 chip
thumbnail SeaFlower 藏海花 A backdoor targeting iOS web3 wallets
thumbnail Lyceum .NET DNS Backdoor
thumbnail ASyncRat surpasses Dridex, TrickBot and Emotet to become dominant email threat
thumbnail Ucraina, oltre 100 attacchi cyber della guerra hanno avuto impatti in Europa
thumbnail Symbiote: A New, Nearly-Impossible-to-Detect Linux Threat
thumbnail EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Government Ordered Travel Companies To Spy On Russian Hacker For Years And Report His Whereabouts Every Week
thumbnail Microsoft Diagnostic Tool "DogWalk" Package Path Traversal Gets Free Micropatches (0day/WontFix)
thumbnail DOJ, FBI shut down marketplace for stolen Social Security numbers - The Record by Recorded Future
thumbnail Russian Cyberattack Hits Wales-Ukraine Football Broadcast
thumbnail SVCReady: A New Loader Gets Ready
thumbnail Liveness tests used by banks to verify ID are ‘extremely vulnerable’ to deepfake attacks
thumbnail Smartphones Blur the Line Between Civilian and Combatant
thumbnail TrustPid is another worrying, imperfect attempt to replace tracking cookies
thumbnail Horde Webmail - Remote Code Execution via Email
thumbnail Analysis and Attribution of the Eternity Ransomware: Timeline and Emergence of the Eternity Group
thumbnail Anonymous Hacktivists Leak 1TB of Top Russian Law Firm Data
thumbnail Deadly secret: Electronic warfare shapes Russia-Ukraine war
thumbnail Zero-Day Exploitation of Atlassian Confluence
thumbnail Apple has pushed a silent Mac update to remove hidden Zoom web server
thumbnail Cyberattaques: «Il s'agit davantage de terrorisme que de crime organisé»
thumbnail US military hackers conducting offensive operations in support of Ukraine, says head of Cyber Command
thumbnail Android FluBot enters Switzerland – SWITCH Security-Blog
thumbnail Takedown of SMS-based FluBot spyware infecting Android phones
thumbnail XLoader Botnet: Find Me If You Can
thumbnail Pegasus, il Parlamento europeo vuole chiarezza. Gli Stati Ue no
thumbnail ICO fines facial recognition database company Clearview AI Inc more than £7.5m and orders UK data to be deleted
thumbnail Fronton: A Botnet for Creation, Command, and Control of Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior
thumbnail Des chercheurs reprogramment un AirTag et pointent quelques trous dans la raquette d'Apple
thumbnail Gimmick MacOS Malware Spreads Through Customized Files, Enables MacOS CodeSign Bypass - CloudSEK
thumbnail New Linux-Based Ransomware Cheerscrypt Targets ESXi Devices
thumbnail Large-scale Analysis of DNS-based Tracking Evasion - broad data leaks included?
thumbnail Exclusive: Russian hackers are linked to new Brexit leak website, Google says
thumbnail Guerre en Ukraine : Anonymous déclare la cyberguerre à Killnet, un collectif de hackers pro-russes
thumbnail Anonymous Declares Cyber War Against Pro-Russia Hacker Group Killnet
thumbnail PyPI package 'ctx' and PHP library 'phpass' compromised to steal environment variables
thumbnail Remote Code Execution on Western Digital PR4100 NAS (CVE-2022-23121)
thumbnail Rise in XorDdos: A deeper look at the stealthy DDoS malware targeting Linux devices - Microsoft Security Blog
thumbnail Pegasus vs. Predator: Dissident's Doubly-Infected iPhone Reveals Cytrox Mercenary Spyware
thumbnail CrateDepression | Rust Supply-Chain Attack Infects Cloud CI Pipelines with Go Malware
thumbnail Protecting Android users from 0-Day attacks
thumbnail The IO Offensive: Information Operations Surrounding the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
thumbnail Canada bans Huawei and ZTE from 5G networks over security concerns
thumbnail Malicious PyPI package opens backdoors on Windows, Linux, and Macs
thumbnail Fears grow for smaller nations after ransomware attack on Costa Rica escalates
thumbnail President Rodrigo Chaves says Costa Rica is at war with Conti hackers
thumbnail Exploiting an Unbounded memcpy in Parallels Desktop
thumbnail KillNet: Pro-Russian Hacktivists.
thumbnail Killnet Cyber Attacks Against Italy and NATO Countries
thumbnail New 'Smart' Cheese Rinds Help Fight Parmesan Fraud
thumbnail Data Marketplace Selling Info About Who Uses Period Tracking Apps
thumbnail Critical Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in Jupiter and JupiterX Premium Themes
thumbnail Researchers devise iPhone malware that runs even when device is turned off
thumbnail La vulnérabilité PetitPotam persiste malgré le patch tuesday
thumbnail Eternity, poche centinaia di dollari per un ransomware o un malware per furto dati
thumbnail Multi-factor Authentication to Generate $27 Billion Globally for Mobile Operators in 2022, Juniper Research Study Finds
thumbnail Web ad firms scrape email addresses before you know it
thumbnail US links Thanos and Jigsaw ransomware to 55-year-old doctor
thumbnail A closer look at Eternity Malware
thumbnail macOS Vulnerabilities Hiding in Plain Sight (Black Hat Asia 2022 presentation)
thumbnail EU lands new law to fight off hackers in critical sectors
thumbnail The Linux Foundation and Open Source Software Security Foundation (OpenSSF) Gather Industry and Government Leaders for Open Source Software Security Summit II
thumbnail Zyxel silently patches command-injection vulnerability with 9.8 severity rating
thumbnail Known macOS Vulnerabilities Led Researcher to Root Out New Flaws
thumbnail Patch tuesday mai 2022 : 74 failles corrigées dont 1 exploitée
thumbnail CVE-2022-26925 : Patchez vos machines Windows sans attendre
thumbnail Russia hacked an American satellite company one hour before the Ukraine invasion
thumbnail npm Supply Chain Attack Targeting Germany-Based Companies
thumbnail Ransomware-as-a-service: Understanding the cybercrime gig economy and how to protect yourself
thumbnail Costa Rica declares national emergency after Conti ransomware attacks
thumbnail L’Europe de la cyberdéfense
thumbnail Dissecting Saintstealer
thumbnail Russian TVs, search engines hacked on Victory Day with antiwar message
thumbnail Apple, Google, and Microsoft commit to expanded support for FIDO standard
thumbnail Vulnerability Analysis - CVE-2022-1388
thumbnail From the Front Lines | Unsigned macOS oRAT Malware Gambles For The Win
thumbnail MacOS Two-machine Kernel Debugging
thumbnail Operation CuckooBees: Cybereason Uncovers Massive Chinese Intellectual Property Theft Operation
thumbnail Apple, Google and Microsoft Commit to Expanded Support for FIDO Standard to Accelerate Availability of Passwordless Sign-Ins
thumbnail How Data Brokers Sell Access to the Backbone of the Internet
thumbnail Update on cyber activity in Eastern Europe
thumbnail Nozomi Networks Discovers Unpatched DNS Bug in Popular C Standard Library Putting IoT at Risk
thumbnail UNC3524: Eye Spy on Your Email
thumbnail Google Online Security Blog: The Package Analysis Project: Scalable detection of malicious open source packages
thumbnail Spanish prime minister’s phone ‘targeted with Pegasus spyware’
thumbnail Russia’s cyber warfare against Ukraine more nuanced than expected
thumbnail Russian troops in Melitopol plunder $5M farm vehicles from Ukraine -- to find they've been remotely disabled
thumbnail How the French fiber optic cable attacks accentuate critical infrastructure vulnerabilities
thumbnail OverWatch Insights: Reviewing a New Intrusion Targeting Mac Systems
thumbnail What does APT Activity Look Like on MacOS?
thumbnail Jamf Threat Labs identifies Safari vulnerability (CVE-2022-22616) allowing for Gatekeeper bypass
thumbnail Dec0ne/KrbRelayUp: KrbRelayUp - a universal no-fix local privilege escalation in windows domain environments where LDAP signing is not enforced (the default settings).
thumbnail Microsoft finds new elevation of privilege Linux vulnerability, Nimbuspwn
thumbnail Kaspersky DDoS report, Q1 2022
thumbnail Zero Tolerance: More Zero-Days Exploited in 2021 Than Ever Before
thumbnail LemonDuck botnet plunders Docker cloud instances in cryptocurrency crime wave
thumbnail When coin miners evolve, Part 1: Exposing LemonDuck and LemonCat, modern mining malware infrastructure
thumbnail CVE-2022-21449: Psychic Signatures in Java
thumbnail The More You Know, The More You Know You Don’t Know
thumbnail Pegasus spyware found on 5 French cabinet members' phones
thumbnail CatalanGate: Extensive Mercenary Spyware Operation against Catalans Using Pegasus and Candiru
thumbnail GitHub: Attacker breached dozens of orgs using stolen OAuth tokens
thumbnail Increased Enterprise Use of iOS, Mac Means More Malware
thumbnail Researcher uses 379-year-old algorithm to crack crypto keys found in the wild
thumbnail Microsoft Zero-Days, Wormable Bugs Spark Concern
thumbnail Russia’s Sandworm hackers attempted a third blackout in Ukraine
thumbnail RaidForums hacking forum seized by police, owner arrested
thumbnail Git security vulnerability announced
thumbnail The U.S. is using declassified intel to fight an info war with Russia, even when the intel isn't rock solid
thumbnail Industroyer2: Industroyer reloaded
thumbnail CVE-2022-22965 Analyzing the Exploitation of Spring4Shell Vulnerability in Weaponizing and Executing the Mirai Botnet Malware
thumbnail Spionaggio cyber alla Commissione europea
thumbnail Police Records Show Women Are Being Stalked With Apple AirTags Across the Country
thumbnail FBI Disrupts Cyclops Blink Botnet Used by Russian Intelligence Directorate
thumbnail DoS attacks hit Finnish websites during Zelenskyy address • The Register
thumbnail Svizzera, covo di spie russe
thumbnail AcidRain | A Modem Wiper Rains Down on Europe
thumbnail U.S. Says It Secretly Removed Malware Worldwide, Pre-empting Russian Cyberattacks - The New York Times
thumbnail Chinese hackers abuse VLC Media Player to launch malware loader
thumbnail MacOS SUHelper Root Privilege Escalation Vulnerability A Deep Dive Into CVE-2022-22639
thumbnail Hackers breach MailChimp's internal tools to target crypto customers
thumbnail Explaining Spring4Shell: The Internet security disaster that wasn’t
thumbnail Faille Spring4shell, encore un cauchemar pour les entreprises
thumbnail En Russie, des informations sur la police secrète fuitent à cause d'une appli de livraison
thumbnail Lapsus$: Two UK teenagers charged with hacking for gang
thumbnail Apple releases macOS 12.3.1, iOS 15.4.1, watchOS 8.5.1 and more - The Mac Security Blog
thumbnail Chinese Hackers Target VMware Horizon Servers with Log4Shell to Deploy Rootkit
thumbnail QNAP warns severe OpenSSL bug affects most of its NAS devices
thumbnail Putin's hackers gained full access to Hungary's foreign ministry networks, the Orbán government has been unable to stop them
thumbnail Apple and Meta Gave User Data to Hackers Who Used Forged Legal Requests
thumbnail Lapsus$ and SolarWinds hackers both use the same old trick to bypass MFA
thumbnail New Lapsus$ Hack Documents Make Okta’s Response Look More Bizarre
thumbnail Sophos patches critical remote code execution vulnerability in Firewall
thumbnail When Nokia Pulled Out of Russia, a Vast Surveillance System Remained
thumbnail Fake sites stealing Steam credentials
thumbnail Chrome Releases: Stable Channel Update for Desktop
thumbnail Behold, a password phishing site that can trick even savvy users
thumbnail Lapsus$: Oxford teen accused of being multi-millionaire cyber-criminal
thumbnail Storm Cloud on the Horizon: GIMMICK Malware Strikes at macOS
thumbnail Lapsus$: when kiddies play in the big league
thumbnail Piratage Okta : 375 des clients concernés par l'attaque de Lapsus$
thumbnail Updated Okta Statement on LAPSUS$
thumbnail DEV-0537 criminal actor targeting organizations for data exfiltration and destruction
thumbnail Anonymous Takes Anti-Putin Battle To Russian People With Printer Attack To Disrupt Kremlin's Propaganda
thumbnail Lapsus$ hackers leak 37GB of Microsoft's alleged source code
thumbnail Piratage d'Okta : l'entreprise admet enquêter, LAPSUS$ revendique
thumbnail Protestware : l’open source n’échappe pas au conflit russo-ukrainien
thumbnail Activists are targeting Russians with open-source "protestware"
thumbnail Ukraine warns of InvisiMole attacks tied to state-sponsored Russian hackers
thumbnail Exposing initial access broker with ties to Conti
thumbnail Gas Is Too Expensive; Let’s Make It Cheap!
thumbnail Sabotage: Code added to popular NPM package wiped files in Russia and Belarus | Ars Technica
thumbnail OpenSSL plombé par une importante faille de sécurité
thumbnail L’Ukraine reconnaît « une énorme perte de communication » après la cyberattaque contre le satellite KA-SAT
thumbnail PROPHET SPIDER Exploits Citrix ShareFile
thumbnail Cyber-attaques en Suisse sur des particuliers? «On ne peut rien exclure»
thumbnail Raccoon Stealer: “Trash panda” abuses Telegram
thumbnail Cyber Security Incident Pushes Ubisoft to Issue Internal Password Reset
thumbnail Exclusive: U.S. spy agency probes sabotage of satellite internet during Russian invasion, sources say | Reuters
thumbnail Armis Finds Three Critical Zero-Day Vulnerabilities in APC Smart-UPS Devices, Dubbed "TLStorm," Exposing More than 20 Million Enterprise Devices
thumbnail EU and UK launch antitrust investigation into Google and Meta’s adtech dealings - The Verge
thumbnail Iranian linked conglomerate MuddyWater comprised of regionally focused subgroups
thumbnail Guerre en Ukraine : les utilisateurs du réseau satellitaire Viasat victimes d’une cyberattaque
thumbnail New method that amplifies DDoSes by 4 billion-fold. What could go wrong?
thumbnail Belarus conducted widespread phishing campaigns against Ukraine, Poland, Google says
thumbnail China-backed APT41 compromised ‘at least’ six US state governments
thumbnail An update on the threat landscape
thumbnail Samsung confirms hackers stole Galaxy devices source code
thumbnail Hackers leak 190GB of alleged Samsung data, source code
thumbnail Cybercriminals who breached Nvidia issue one of the most unusual demands ever
thumbnail Malware now using stolen NVIDIA code signing certificates
thumbnail Crypto Bug in Samsung Galaxy Devices: Breaking Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs)
thumbnail New Linux Vulnerability CVE-2022-0492 Affecting Cgroups: Can Containers Escape?
thumbnail Scam E-Mail Impersonating Red CrossScam E-Mail Impersonating Red Cross
thumbnail Asylum Ambuscade: State Actor Uses Compromised Private Ukrainian Military Emails to Target European Governments and Refugee Movement
thumbnail L'Anssi sème le doute sur l'usage des solutions Kaspersky
thumbnail Cyber Realism in a Time of War
thumbnail Phishing attacks target countries aiding Ukrainian refugees
thumbnail Toyota suspends domestic factory operations after suspected cyber attack
thumbnail Ukrainian cyber resistance group targets Russian power grid, railways
thumbnail Face à un incident de cybersécurité, Nvidia soupçonné d'avoir répliqué - ZDNet
thumbnail Nvidia Confirms Company Data Was Stolen in Hack
thumbnail IsaacWiper and HermeticWizard: New wiper and worm targeting Ukraine
thumbnail Cybersécurité : l’Union européenne va aider l’Ukraine face à la Russie
thumbnail Ukrainian Researcher Leaks Conti Ransomware Gang Data
thumbnail Cyberattaque contre l’Université de Neuchâtel: des données volées publiées sur le darkweb (update)
thumbnail The Next Web
thumbnail Crypto Donations to Ukraine Jumps to $20M
thumbnail Chinese Cybersecurity Company Doxes Apparent NSA Hacking Operation
thumbnail Google follows YouTube in cutting off ad revenue to Russian state media
thumbnail 2022 Russia-Ukraine war — Cyber group tracker
thumbnail STORMOUS ransomware si schiera senza dirlo, contro l'Ucraina - (in)sicurezza digitale
thumbnail Twitter and Facebook restricted in Russia amid conflict with Ukraine
thumbnail Facebook, Twitter remove disinformation accounts targeting Ukrainians
thumbnail Ukraine border control hit with wiper cyberattack, slowing refugee crossing
thumbnail Anonymous: the hacker collective that has declared cyberwar on Russia | Ukraine
thumbnail Nvidia allegedly hacked its hackers, stole its data back
thumbnail Ukraine takes the resistance to cyberspace, assembling an “IT army” to hack sites from Russia and its allies, calls on tech leaders to get involved
thumbnail New Malware Capable of Controlling Social Media Accounts Infects 5,000+ Machines and is actively being Distributed via Gaming Applications on Microsoft's Official Store
thumbnail Anonymous hacktivists, ransomware groups get involved in Ukraine-Russia conflict
thumbnail US microchip powerhouse Nvidia hit by cyber attack
thumbnail Conti ransomware group announces support of Russia, threatens retaliatory attacks
thumbnail Attacchi informatici, c'è un nuovo malware di uno dei più importanti gruppi di cybercriminali russi
thumbnail TrickBot malware operation shuts down, devs move to BazarBackdoor
thumbnail Ukraine links phishing targeting military to Belarusian hackers
thumbnail Aquarium Leaks. Inside the GRU’s Psychological Warfare Program
thumbnail Ukraine: Disk-wiping Attacks Precede Russian Invasion
thumbnail EXCLUSIVE Ukraine calls on hacker underground to defend against Russia
thumbnail HermeticWiper | New Destructive Malware Used In Cyber Attacks on Ukraine
thumbnail New data-wiping malware used in destructive attacks on Ukraine
thumbnail The Bvp47 - a Top-tier Backdoor of US NSA Equation Group
thumbnail Find You: Building a stealth AirTag clone | Positive Security
thumbnail Un ex-officier de la CIA sur l’Ukraine: «Jamais les Etats-Unis n’ont divulgué autant d’informations sensibles et aussi vite»
thumbnail Chinese cyber-attackers 'targeted Taiwanese financial firms'
thumbnail Horde Webmail 5.2.22 - Account Takeover via Email
thumbnail Behind the stalkerware network spilling the private phone data of hundreds of thousands
thumbnail The US is unmasking Russian hackers faster than ever
thumbnail Comment le leader mondial des data centers a contré l’attaque par rançongiciel de NetWalker
thumbnail Risque de cybersécurité – RUAG doit être plus vigilante sur ses données sensibles
thumbnail Une faille vulnérabilise le gestionnaire de paquets Snap pour Linux
thumbnail Cosa sappiamo di sLoad e perchè è così elusivo? –
thumbnail Pegasus spyware scandal uncovered by fake image file on an iPhone
thumbnail Who Is Behind QAnon? Linguistic Detectives Find Fingerprints
thumbnail Cyberattack targets Vodafone Portugal, disrupts services
thumbnail ‘Zero-Click’ Hacks Are Growing in Popularity. There’s Practically No Way to Stop Them
thumbnail Une cyberattaque met à genou l’Université de Neuchâtel
thumbnail Kazakhstan's Internet Shutdowns Could Be a Warning for Ukraine
thumbnail VMware Horizon servers are under active exploit by Iranian state hackers
thumbnail The Elite Hackers of the FSB
thumbnail Passware parvient à trouver le mot de passe des Mac T2 par force brute
thumbnail Twitter cans 2FA service provider over surveillance claims
thumbnail Red Cross traces hack back to unpatched Zoho vulnerability
thumbnail Assurances cyber : vers une « jurisprudence NotPetya » ?
thumbnail Merck’s $1.4 Billion Insurance Win Splits Cyber From ‘Act of War’
thumbnail Chrome Zero-Day Under Active Attack: Patch ASAP | Threatpost
thumbnail New Emotet Infection Method
thumbnail Russian hackers have obtained sensitive defense information technology by targeting US contractors, according to CISA
thumbnail Meta to Pay $90 Million to Settle Facebook Data Privacy Lawsuit
thumbnail Flood of malicious junk traffic makes Ukrainian websites unreachable | Ars Technica
thumbnail Cyber-attack on ICRC: What we know
thumbnail Vaud – Etudiant débouté en raison de son inactivité en ligne
thumbnail Cyberattack takes Ukraine military, bank websites offline
thumbnail Apple's AirTag uncovers a secret German intelligence agency
thumbnail New DeadBolt ransomware targets QNAP devices, asks 50 BTC for master key
thumbnail Linux-Targeted Malware Increases by 35% in 2021
thumbnail EDPS Preliminary Remarks on Modern Spyware
thumbnail KlaySwap crypto users lose funds after BGP hijack
thumbnail Twitter Tells U.S. Senator It’s Cutting Ties to Swiss Tech Firm
thumbnail Twitter, Google, WhatsApp, Telegram... pourquoi la double authentification n'est finalement pas si sécurisée
thumbnail De nombreuses sociétés suisses touchées par le piratage affectant le monde des télécoms
thumbnail Charting TA2541's Flight
thumbnail Minaccia Malware prende di mira il settore dell'aviazione e dell'industria aerospaziale
thumbnail Dropping Files on a Domain Controller Using CVE-2021-43893
thumbnail PrivateLoader to Anubis Loader. By: Jason Reaves and Joshua Platt
thumbnail PrivateLoader: The first step in many malware schemes
thumbnail Safari Flaws Exposed Webcams, Online Accounts, and More
thumbnail Webcam Hacking (again) - Safari UXSS
thumbnail Objective-See's Blog
thumbnail Analyzing a watering hole campaign using macOS exploits
thumbnail Watering hole deploys new macOS malware, DazzleSpy, in Asia
thumbnail SysJoker : un malware pour macOS, Windows et Linux qui opère discrètement depuis des mois
thumbnail Backdoor RAT for Windows, macOS, and Linux went undetected until now | Ars Technica
thumbnail New SysJoker Backdoor Targets Windows, Linux, and macOS
thumbnail SysJoker analyzing the first (macOS) malware of 2022!
thumbnail Google Docs Comment Exploit Allows for Distribution of Phishing and Malware
thumbnail Can You Trust a File’s Digital Signature? New Zloader Campaign exploits Microsoft’s Signature Verification putting users at risk
thumbnail iPhone flaw exploited by second Israeli spy firm-sources
thumbnail Israelis didn’t care about NSO and Pegasus – until this scandal
thumbnail Le piratage d'une société américaine a des conséquences en Suisse
thumbnail Critical Vulnerabilities in PHP Everywhere Allow Remote Code Execution
thumbnail Google Online Security Blog: Vulnerability Reward Program: 2021 Year in Review
thumbnail ModifiedElephant APT and a Decade of Fabricating Evidence
thumbnail Swisscom, Sunrise et Salt touchés par un piratage aux Etats-Unis
thumbnail North Korea Hacked Him. So He Took Down Its Internet
thumbnail I Used Apple AirTags, Tiles and a GPS Tracker to Watch My Husband’s Every Move - The New York Times
thumbnail Emsisoft Decryptor for Maze / Sekhmet / Egregor - Emsisoft: Free Ransomware Decryption Tools
thumbnail [LEAK] Maze + Egregor + Sekhmet keys along with m0yv (expiro) source code
thumbnail Decryptor released for Maze, Egregor, and Sekhmet ransomware strains | ZDNet
thumbnail Exposed documents reveal how the powerful clean up their digital past using a reputation laundering firm
thumbnail Les 200 mots de passe les plus populaires en 2021
thumbnail Why is the Zoom app listening on my microphone...
thumbnail Who Needs to Exploit Vulnerabilities When You Have Macros?
thumbnail Operation EmailThief: Active Exploitation of Zero-day XSS Vulnerability in Zimbra
thumbnail PwnKit: Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability Discovered in polkit’s pkexec (CVE-2021-4034)
thumbnail Helping users stay safe: Blocking internet macros by default in Office
thumbnail A walk through Project Zero metrics
thumbnail Mettez à jour iOS ! WebKit contient une vulnérabilité dangereuse
thumbnail Nouvelle version de Safari 15.3 sur Big Sur et Catalina pour combler une faille importante | MacGeneration