thumbnail Teenage suspect in MGM Resorts hack arrested in Britain
thumbnail Leaked Docs Show What Phones Cellebrite Can (and Can’t) Unlock
thumbnail Special Report: Massive Global IT Outages Triggered by Faulty CrowdStrike Update
thumbnail APT41 Has Arisen From the DUST
thumbnail New hacker group uses open-source tools to spy on entities in Asia-Pacific region
thumbnail Critical Cisco bug lets hackers add root users on SEG devices
thumbnail Trello Data Breach: Hacker Dumps Personal Info of Millions of Users
thumbnail INTERPOL operation strikes major blow against West African financial crime
thumbnail NullBulge | Threat Actor Masquerades as Hacktivist Group Rebelling Against AI - SentinelOne
thumbnail Fake AWS Packages Ship Command and Control Malware In JPEG Files
thumbnail FIN7 Reboot | Cybercrime Gang Enhances Ops with New EDR Bypasses and Automated Attacks
thumbnail MediSecure reveals about 12.9 million Australians had personal data stolen by hackers in April | Australia news | The Guardian
thumbnail Germany to ban Chinese companies' components from core parts of its 5G networks | AP News
thumbnail Iraq-based cybercriminals deploy malicious Python packages to steal data
thumbnail ClickFix Deception: A Social Engineering Tactic to Deploy Malware
thumbnail FBI Gains Access to Suspected Trump Shooter’s Password Locked Phone
thumbnail Uncoordinated Vulnerability Disclosure: The Continuing Issues with CVD
thumbnail Kaspersky Lab Closing U.S. Division; Laying Off Workers
thumbnail AT&T Paid a Hacker $370,000 to Delete Stolen Phone Record
thumbnail Critical Exim bug bypasses security filters on 1.5 million mail servers
thumbnail Doppelganger operation
thumbnail Kematian-Stealer : A Deep Dive into a New Information Stealer
thumbnail Persistent npm Campaign Shipping Trojanized jQuery
thumbnail Distribution of AsyncRAT Disguised as Ebook
thumbnail CloudSorcerer APT uses cloud services and GitHub as C2 | Securelist
thumbnail Behind the Attack: Live Chat Phishing
thumbnail How do cryptocurrency drainer phishing scams work?
thumbnail Resurrecting Internet Explorer: Threat Actors Using Zero-day Tricks in Internet Shortcut File to Lure Victims (CVE-2024-38112) - Check Point Research
thumbnail Chinese APT40 hackers hijack SOHO routers to launch attacks
thumbnail New Blast-RADIUS attack breaks 30-year-old protocol used in networks everywhere
thumbnail CVE-2024-38021: Moniker RCE Vulnerability Uncovered in Microsoft Outlook
thumbnail New OpenSSH Vulnerability Discovered: Potential Remote Code Execution Risk
thumbnail US Disrupts Russian Bots Spreading Propaganda on Twitter
thumbnail EDR as an Offensive Tool
thumbnail Decrypted: DoNex Ransomware and its Predecessors
thumbnail South African pathology labs down after ransomware attack
thumbnail New Intel CPU Vulnerability 'Indirector' Exposes Sensitive Data
thumbnail Russia forces Apple to remove VPN apps from the App Store
thumbnail Supply Chain Compromise Leads to Trojanized Installers | Rapid7 Blog
thumbnail Indian Software Firm's Products Hacked to Spread Data-Stealing Malware
thumbnail Formula 1 governing body discloses data breach after email hacks
thumbnail 'Welcome to Londonistan': the Great Replacement theory gone visual ahead of the U.K. election
thumbnail Il silenzio di Synlab sul furto e la diffusione di migliaia di dati sanitari - Il Post
thumbnail How scam networks use fake celebrity ads to lure online investors
thumbnail The Rise of Packet Rate Attacks: When Core Routers Turn Evil
thumbnail RoguePuppet – A Critical Puppet Forge Supply Chain Vulnerability
thumbnail Europol coordinates global action against criminal abuse of Cobalt Strike
thumbnail Sonar
thumbnail OpenAI’s ChatGPT Mac app was storing conversations in plain text
thumbnail Twilio says hackers identified cell phone numbers of two-factor app Authy users
thumbnail Europol coordinates global action against criminal abuse of Cobalt Strike | Europol
thumbnail CVE-2024-29510 - Exploiting Ghostscript using format strings
thumbnail Poland to probe Russia-linked cyberattack on state news agency
thumbnail Cisco NX-OS Command Injection Vulnerability CVE-2024-20399: Insights and Defense Strategies
thumbnail Vulnerabilities in CocoaPods Open the Door to Supply Chain Attacks Against Thousands of iOS and MacOS Applications
thumbnail TeamViewer: Hackers copied employee directory data and encrypted passwords
thumbnail Analysis of the Phishing Campaign: Behind the Incident
thumbnail Startups scramble to assess fallout from Evolve Bank data breach
thumbnail Cisco warns of NX-OS zero-day exploited to deploy custom malware
thumbnail Polyfill, Cloudflare trade barbs after reports of supply chain attack threatening 100k websites
thumbnail regreSSHion: Remote Unauthenticated Code Execution Vulnerability in OpenSSH server
thumbnail Meet Brain Cipher — The new ransomware behind Indonesia's data center attack
thumbnail New SnailLoad Attack Exploits Network Latency to Spy on Users' Web Activities
thumbnail New Medusa malware variants target Android users in seven countries
thumbnail Polyfill claims it has been 'defamed', returns after domain shut down
thumbnail LockBit lied: Stolen data is from a bank, not US Federal Reserve
thumbnail Hubspot says it's investigating customer account hacks | TechCrunch
thumbnail Critical GitLab bug lets attackers run pipelines as any user
thumbnail South Korean telecom company attacks torrent users with malware — over 600,000 customers report missing files, strange folders, and disabled PCs
thumbnail Critical SQLi Vulnerability Found in Fortra FileCatalyst Workflow Application
thumbnail From Dormant to Dangerous: P2Pinfect Evolves to Deploy New Ransomware and Cryptominer
thumbnail New P2Pinfect version delivers miners and ransomware on Redis servers
thumbnail Progress Software elevates severity of new MOVEit bug to ‘critical’ as exploit attempts jump
thumbnail Auth. Bypass In (Un)Limited Scenarios - Progress MOVEit Transfer (CVE-2024-5806)
thumbnail US accuses Russian of helping Kremlin hack Ukraine’s state computer systems
thumbnail Chinese Cyberspies Employ Ransomware in Attacks for Diversion
thumbnail ChamelGang & Friends | Cyberespionage Groups Attacking Critical Infrastructure with Ransomware
thumbnail UEFIcanhazbufferoverflow: Widespread Impact from Vulnerability in Popular PC and Server Firmware
thumbnail The inside view of spyware’s 'dirty interference,' from two recent Pegasus victims
thumbnail CDK Begins Restoring Systems Amid Ransomware Payment Reports
thumbnail Neiman Marcus says 64,000 affected by breach of Snowflake customer account
thumbnail South Africa’s national health lab hit with ransomware attack amid mpox outbreak
thumbnail GrimResource - Microsoft Management Console for initial access and evasion
thumbnail Stop Using Now
thumbnail Iconv, set the charset to RCE: Exploiting the glibc to hack the PHP engine (part 1)
thumbnail CISA confirms hackers may have accessed data from chemical facilities during January incident
thumbnail New attack uses MSC files and Windows XSS flaw to breach networks
thumbnail Probllama: Ollama Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2024-37032)
thumbnail Malvertising Campaign Leads to Execution of Oyster Backdoor
thumbnail RansomHub Draws in Affiliates with Multi-OS Capability and High Commission Rates
thumbnail XZ backdoor behavior inside OpenSSH
thumbnail More than 12,000 Santander employees in US affected by Snowflake breach
thumbnail Facebook PrestaShop module exploited to steal credit cards
thumbnail Rafel RAT, Android Malware from Espionage to Ransomware Operations
thumbnail Mailcow Mail Server Flaws Expose Servers to Remote Code Execution
thumbnail UK government weighs action against Russian hackers over NHS records theft
thumbnail Threat Actor Claims AMD and Apple Breaches
thumbnail Project Naptime: Evaluating Offensive Security Capabilities of Large Language Models
thumbnail Russian spies' hacking campaign is 'endangering' French diplomatic interests
thumbnail US bans sale of Kaspersky software citing security risk from Russia
thumbnail Attacco Informatico all'ASST Rhodense: Cicada3301 pubblica 1 TB di Dati Sensibili liberamente scaricabili
thumbnail Aggiornamento attacco hacker 2024 - Croce Rossa Italiana
thumbnail Zero-Click Critical Microsoft Outlook Vulnerability. What You Need to Know.
thumbnail SolarMarker Impersonates Job Employment Website, Indeed,…
thumbnail All households in Scottish region to get alert about hackers publishing stolen medical data
thumbnail UNC3944 Targets SaaS Applications
thumbnail Comment une nébuleuse, "The Comm", a engendré l’un des gangs les plus craints du moment, Scattered Spider
thumbnail Security bug allows anyone to spoof Microsoft employee emails
thumbnail Suspected 'Scattered Spider' hacker, 22, reportedly arrested in Spain
thumbnail New Wi-Fi Takeover Attack—All Windows Users Warned To Update Now
thumbnail Hackers Detail How They Allegedly Stole Ticketmaster Data From Snowflake
thumbnail Microsoft Refused to Fix Flaw Years Before SolarWinds Hack
thumbnail New ARM 'TIKTAG' attack impacts Google Chrome, Linux systems
thumbnail Arm Warns of Actively Exploited Zero-Day Vulnerability in Mali GPU Drivers
thumbnail Black Basta ransomware gang linked to Windows zero-day attacks
thumbnail The mystery of an alleged data broker’s data breach
thumbnail New York Times warns freelancers of GitHub repo data breach
thumbnail Former head of NSA joins OpenAI board
thumbnail Microsoft fixes hack-me-via-Wi-Fi Windows security hole • The Register
thumbnail Breaking: Meta halts AI rollout in Europe after ‘request’ from Irish data protection authorities
thumbnail Major takedown of critical online infrastructure to disrupt terrorist communications and propaganda | Europol
thumbnail Here’s what to know about Adobe’s Terms of Use updates
thumbnail Ukrainian cyber specialists attack Russian airports, several flights delayed - source
thumbnail Evolution of KILLNET from Hacktivism to Private Hackers Company and the Role of Sub-groups
thumbnail Multiple flaws in Fortinet FortiOS fixed
thumbnail Hacker Accesses Internal ‘Tile’ Tool That Provides Location Data to Cops
thumbnail You’ve Got Mail: Critical Microsoft Outlook Vulnerability Executes as Email is Opened
thumbnail IcedID Brings ScreenConnect and CSharp Streamer to ALPHV Ransomware Deployment – The DFIR Report
thumbnail The New York Times source code leaked by a 4chan user
thumbnail CVE-2024-4577 RCE in PHP CGI: Everything you need to know | Wiz Blog
thumbnail Bypassing Veeam Authentication CVE-2024-29849
thumbnail Switzerland notes increase in cyberattacks ahead of Ukraine peace summit
thumbnail UNC5537 Targets Snowflake Customer Instances for Data Theft and Extortion
thumbnail Urgent call for O-type blood donations following London hospitals ransomware attack
thumbnail Mandiant says hackers stole a 'significant volume of data' from Snowflake customers
thumbnail Apple’s AI promise: “Your data is never stored or made accessible to Apple”
thumbnail Festung Bürgenstock: Diese Gefahren drohen rund um die Friedenskonferenz
thumbnail La SSR sur ses gardes face à l'éventualité de cyberattaques pendant le sommet du Bürgenstock
thumbnail Malicious VSCode extensions with millions of installs discovered
thumbnail Russia-linked 'Lumma' crypto stealer now targets Python devs
thumbnail Menace Unleashed: Excel File Deploys Cobalt Strike at Ukraine | Fortinet Blog
thumbnail Microsoft hit with EU privacy complaints over schools' use of 365 Education suite
thumbnail Major London hospitals disrupted by Synnovis ransomware attack
thumbnail Howling at the Inbox: Sticky Werewolf's Latest Malicious Aviation Attacks
thumbnail Revealed: Russian legal foundation linked to Kremlin activities in Europe | Russia | The Guardian
thumbnail The Snowflake Attack May Be Turning Into One of the Largest Data Breaches Ever
thumbnail Security Alert: CVE-2024-4577 - PHP CGI Argument Injection Vulnerability
thumbnail No Way, PHP Strikes Again! (CVE-2024-4577)
thumbnail Operation Crimson Palace: A Technical Deep Dive – Sophos News
thumbnail Europe's cybersecurity chief says disruptive attacks have doubled in 2024, sees Russia behind many
thumbnail Vulnerability in Cisco Webex cloud service exposed government authorities, companies
thumbnail Cyberattack on telecom giant Frontier claimed by RansomHub
thumbnail Ransomware attack hits major London hospitals
thumbnail Analysts join the call for Microsoft to recall Recall
thumbnail Un prestataire externe de la Ville d'Yverdon-les-Bains victime d'une cyberattaque
thumbnail PikaBot: a Guide to its Deep Secrets and Operations - Blog
thumbnail TikTok fails 'disinformation test' before EU vote, study shows
thumbnail Live Nation confirms Ticketmaster breach after hackers hawk stolen info of 560 million
thumbnail Crooks threaten to leak 2.9B records of personal info
thumbnail Hacking Millions of Modems (and Investigating Who Hacked My Modem)
thumbnail Telegram Combolists and 361M Email Addresses
thumbnail Google Leak Reveals Thousands of Privacy Incidents
thumbnail Molding lies into reality || Exploiting CVE-2024-4358
thumbnail Cyber house of cards – Politicians’ personal details exposed online
thumbnail Ticketmaster confirms massive breach after stolen data for sale online
thumbnail Shalev Hulio Made Pegasus Spyware, Now He’s King of Israeli AI
thumbnail Hackers phish finance orgs using trojanized Minesweeper clone
thumbnail Space secrets security update
thumbnail Ticketmaster confirms data breach with a SEC filing
thumbnail Hacker Releases Jailbroken "Godmode" Version of ChatGPT
thumbnail Zero Day Initiative — CVE-2024-30043: Abusing URL Parsing Confusion to Exploit XXE on SharePoint Server and Cloud
thumbnail Spyware maker pcTattletale says it's 'out of business' and shuts down after data breach | TechCrunch
thumbnail Exiled, then spied on: Civil society in Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland targeted with Pegasus spyware
thumbnail Active exploitation of unauthenticated stored XSS vulnerabilities in WordPress Plugins
thumbnail OpenAI finds Russian, Chinese propaganda campaigns used its tech
thumbnail The Pumpkin Eclipse
thumbnail LilacSquid: The stealthy trilogy of PurpleInk, InkBox and InkLoader
thumbnail Data breach exposes details of 25,000 current and former BBC employees
thumbnail Check Point - Wrong Check Point (CVE-2024-24919)
thumbnail An Anonymous Source Shared Thousands of Leaked Google Search API Documents with Me; Everyone in SEO Should See Them
thumbnail macOS version of elusive 'LightSpy' spyware tool discovered
thumbnail Operators of 911 S5 residential proxy service subjected to US sanctions
thumbnail PoC Exploit Released For macOS Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
thumbnail Troy Hunt: Operation Endgame
thumbnail Largest ever operation against botnets hits dropper malware ecosystem | Europol
thumbnail Cybercriminals pose as "helpful" Stack Overflow users to push malware
thumbnail How Researchers Cracked an 11-Year-Old Password to a $3 Million Crypto Wallet | WIRED
thumbnail TeamCity Major Bug-Fix Release for All Versions: Update Your Server Now | The TeamCity Blog
thumbnail From Origins to Operations: Understanding Black Basta Ransomware
thumbnail CVE-2024-23108: Fortinet FortiSIEM 2nd Order Command Injection Deep-Dive
thumbnail Pegasus in Rwanda: Sister of presidential candidate, high-ranking Rwandan politicians added to spyware list
thumbnail Phishing with Cloudflare Workers: Transparent Phishing and HTML Smuggling
thumbnail Cyber Signals: Inside the growing risk of gift card fraud
thumbnail Pwn2Own Toronto 2022 : A 9-year-old bug in MikroTik RouterOS
thumbnail Exploiting the Cloud: How SMS Scammers are using Amazon, Google and IBM Cloud Services to Steal Customer Data
thumbnail New ShrinkLocker ransomware uses BitLocker to encrypt your files
thumbnail Foxit PDF “Flawed Design” Exploitation
thumbnail Invisible miners: unveiling GHOSTENGINE’s crypto mining operations — Elastic Security Labs
thumbnail Putin hijacked Austria’s spy service. Now he's going after its government
thumbnail Hacker defaces spyware app’s site, dumps database and source code
thumbnail Malicious PyPI packages targeting highly specific MacOS machines
thumbnail How Apple Wi-Fi Positioning System can be abused to track people around the globe
thumbnail A root-server at the Internet’s core lost touch with its peers. We still don’t know why.
thumbnail CVE-2024-4978: Backdoored Justice AV Solutions Viewer Software Used in Apparent Supply Chain Attack | Rapid7 Blog
thumbnail Criminal record database of millions of Americans dumped online
thumbnail CVE-2023-34992: Fortinet FortiSIEM Command Injection Deep-Dive
thumbnail Così le autorità sono arrivate Dmitry Yuryevich Khoroshev, il leader di LockBit
thumbnail 'Got that boomer!': How cybercriminals steal one-time passcodes for SIM swap attacks and raiding bank accounts | TechCrunch
thumbnail QNAPping At The Wheel (CVE-2024-27130 and friends)
thumbnail Exclusive: Flutterwave loses ₦11 billion in security breach
thumbnail Arup revealed as victim of $25 million deepfake scam involving Hong Kong employee | CNN Business
thumbnail Microsoft will require MFA for all Azure users
thumbnail Cybercriminals Exploit Docusign With Customizable Phishing Templates
thumbnail Russian hackers use new Lunar malware to breach a European govt's agencies
thumbnail To the Moon and back(doors): Lunar landing in diplomatic missions
thumbnail Log4j Exploited by XMRig Cryptominer Malware: Analysis & Mitigation
thumbnail Threat actors misusing Quick Assist in social engineering attacks leading to ransomware
thumbnail Employee Personal GitHub Repos Expose Internal Azure and Red Hat Secrets
thumbnail Cyber Official Speaks Out, Reveals Mobile Network Attacks in U.S.
thumbnail Popular Cyber Crime Forum Breach Forums Seized by Police
thumbnail An Infostealer's Brewin': Cuckoo & AtomicStealer Get Creative
thumbnail Investigation into Helsinki Education Division data breach proceeds | City of Helsinki
thumbnail PoC exploit released for RCE zero-day in D-Link EXO AX4800 routers
thumbnail Leveraging DNS Tunneling for Tracking and Scanning
thumbnail 2023 Kaspersky Incident Response report
thumbnail Malicious Go Binary Delivered via Steganography in PyPI
thumbnail Ongoing Malvertising Campaign leads to Ransomware
thumbnail Distribution of DanaBot Malware via Word Files Detected by AhnLab EDR
thumbnail My life as a Chinese spy: Secret police agent tells all - ABC News
thumbnail Stolen children’s health records posted online in extortion bid
thumbnail Europol confirms web portal breach, says no operational data stolen
thumbnail Over 50,000 Tinyproxy servers vulnerable to critical RCE flaw
thumbnail Chi sono gli operatori telefonici sfruttati dall’azienda italiana di sorveglianza Carro
thumbnail Un logiciel russe utilisé par Fedpol et Armasuisse suscite des inquiétudes sécuritaires
thumbnail Big Vulnerabilities in Next-Gen BIG-IP
thumbnail Zscaler takes "test environment" offline after rumors of a breach
thumbnail Chinese network behind one of world’s ‘largest online scams’
thumbnail UK confirms Ministry of Defence payroll data exposed in data breach
thumbnail What we learned from the indictment of LockBit’s mastermind
thumbnail Une faille informatique grave a fragilisé l’armée allemande
thumbnail Proton Mail Discloses User Data Leading to Arrest in Spain
thumbnail POLITICO Europe
thumbnail CVE-2024-3661: TunnelVision - How Attackers Can Decloak Routing-Based VPNs For a Total VPN Leak — Leviathan Security Group - Penetration Testing, Security Assessment, Risk Advisory
thumbnail Neuf parlementaires suisses visés par une cyberattaque attribuée à la Chine - - Suisse
thumbnail These Dangerous Scammers Don’t Even Bother to Hide Their Crimes
thumbnail Statement of the MFA on the Cyberattacks Carried by Russian Actor APT28 on Czechia |
thumbnail Watch out for tech support scams lurking in sponsored search results
thumbnail Gird your loins, there’s a new pre-auth RCE in Ivanti boxes landing
thumbnail “Dirty stream” attack: Discovering and mitigating a common vulnerability pattern in Android apps
thumbnail Google shares update on passkeys and new ways to protect accounts
thumbnail Marriott admits it falsely claimed for five years it was using encryption during 2018 breach | CSO Online
thumbnail Analysis of TargetCompany's Attacks Against MS-SQL Servers (Mallox, BlueSky Ransomware)
thumbnail New “Goldoon” Botnet Targeting D-Link Devices
thumbnail Operation PANDORA shuts down 12 phone fraud call centres
thumbnail Op Pandora puts suspected phone fraudsters back in the box
thumbnail Eight Arms to Hold You: The Cuttlefish Malware
thumbnail Hacker free-for-all fights for control of home and office routers everywhere
thumbnail macOS Adload | Prolific Adware Pivots Just Days After Apple’s XProtect Clampdown 
thumbnail French hospital CHC-SV refuses to pay LockBit extortion demand
thumbnail Microsoft needs to win back trust
thumbnail Nearly 20% of Docker Hub Repositories Spread Malware & Phishing Scams
thumbnail Baltic countries blame Russia for GPS jamming of commercial flights
thumbnail Vastaamo hack: Therapy notes hacker jailed for blackmail
thumbnail Malware: Cuckoo Behaves Like Cross Between Infostealer and Spyware
thumbnail Pourquoi les CFF sont la cible favorite des hackers russes
thumbnail Global attacker median dwell time continues to fall
thumbnail The walls of Apple’s garden are tumbling down
thumbnail WP Automatic WordPress plugin hit by millions of SQL injection attacks
thumbnail Okta warns of "unprecedented" credential stuffing attacks on customers
thumbnail PS4/PS5: TheFloW discloses Kernel vulnerability relying on old bug from 2006, impacts PS4 up to 11.00 & PS5 up to 8.20, more details in May
thumbnail Chinese Keyboard App Vulnerabilities Explained
thumbnail ArcaneDoor - New espionage-focused campaign found targeting perimeter network devices
thumbnail Unplugging PlugX: Sinkholing the PlugX USB worm botnet
thumbnail France seeks new EU sanctions to target Russian disinformation
thumbnail 'ArcaneDoor' Cyberspies Hacked Cisco Firewalls to Access Government Networks
thumbnail LOCKBIT Black's Legacy: Unraveling The DragonForce Ransomware Connection - Cyble
thumbnail Kapeka: A novel backdoor spotted in Eastern Europe
thumbnail GreyNoise Labs - Decrypting FortiOS 7.0.x
thumbnail GuptiMiner: Hijacking Antivirus Updates for Distributing Backdoors and Casual Mining - Avast Threat Labs
thumbnail How a Massive Hack of Psychotherapy Records Revealed a Nation’s Secrets
thumbnail CVE-2024-20356: a Cisco appliance to run DOOM
thumbnail DDoS platform shut down by international law enforcement agencies
thumbnail Le système informatique de Volkswagen gravement piraté en 2015, probablement par des cyber-espions chinois
thumbnail Microsoft: APT28 hackers exploit Windows flaw reported by NSA
thumbnail Le groupe Swisspro victime d'une attaque par ransomware
thumbnail Unauthenticated function injection vulnerability in WordPress Shortcode Addons plugin (unpatched). – NinTechNet
thumbnail L'hôpital de Cannes victime d'une cyberattaque, les opérations non urgentes reportées
thumbnail ‘Large volume’ of data stolen from UN agency after ransomware attack
thumbnail MITRE says state hackers breached its network via Ivanti zero-days
thumbnail LastPass Users Lose Master Passwords to Ultra-Convincing Scam
thumbnail Ransomware payments drop to record low of 28% in Q1 2024
thumbnail ‘The machine did it coldly’: Israel used AI to identify 37,000 Hamas targets
thumbnail Hackers are threatening to leak World-Check, a huge sanctions and financial crimes watchlist | TechCrunch
thumbnail 'Crude' ransomware tools proliferating on the dark web for cheap, researchers find
thumbnail Ransomware attack has cost UnitedHealth $872 million; total expected to surpass $1 billion
thumbnail Cisco: Hacker breached multifactor authentication message provider on April 1
thumbnail The Fall of LabHost: Law Enforcement Shuts Down Phishing Service Provider | Trend Micro (US)
thumbnail New Backdoor, MadMxShell
thumbnail Idle GPUs Are the Devil's Workshop
thumbnail Students turning to cyberfraud as huge phishing
thumbnail Attackers exploiting new critical OpenMetadata vulnerabilities on Kubernetes clusters
thumbnail Unearthing APT44: Russia’s Notorious Cyber Sabotage Unit Sandworm
thumbnail Hackers Linked to Russia’s Military Claim Credit for Sabotaging US Water Utilities | WIRED
thumbnail Over 500 people targeted by Pegasus spyware in Poland, officials say
thumbnail Ivanti warns of critical flaws in its Avalanche MDM solution
thumbnail Security Brief: TA547 Targets German Organizations with Rhadamanthys Stealer
thumbnail Palo Alto - Putting The Protecc In GlobalProtect (CVE-2024-3400)
thumbnail DDoS threat report for 2024 Q1
thumbnail The US Government Has a Microsoft Problem
thumbnail Change Healthcare stolen patient data leaked by ransomware gang
thumbnail Open Source Security (OpenSSF) and OpenJS Foundations Issue Alert for Social Engineering Takeovers of Open Source Projects
thumbnail Leaked LockBit builder in a real-life incident response case | Securelist
thumbnail From Social Engineering to DMARC Abuse: TA427’s Art of Information Gathering  | Proofpoint US
thumbnail CISA: Email from federal agencies possibly accessed in Russian breach of Microsoft
thumbnail Automating Pikabot’s String Deobfuscation
thumbnail World-first “Cybercrime Index” ranks countries by cybercrime threat
thumbnail Top Israeli spy chief exposes his true identity in online security lapse | Israel | The Guardian
thumbnail Ransomware gang’s new extortion trick? Calling the front desk
thumbnail Targus discloses cyberattack after hackers detected on file servers
thumbnail Attempted Audio Deepfake Call Targets LastPass Employee
thumbnail Roku says 576,000 user accounts hacked after second security incident
thumbnail Researchers discover new ransomware gang ‘Muliaka’ attacking Russian businesses
thumbnail Zero-Day Exploitation of Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in GlobalProtect (CVE-2024-3400)
thumbnail Kaspersky analysis of the backdoor in XZ
thumbnail Romania-linked ‘Rubycarp’ hackers look for cryptomining, phishing DDoS opportunities
thumbnail Round 2: Change Healthcare Targeted in Second Ransomware Attack
thumbnail Vulnerabilities Identified in LG WebOS
thumbnail Security Advisory YSA-2024-01
thumbnail PSG : le système de billetterie du club attaqué
thumbnail Muddled Libra’s Evolution to the Cloud
thumbnail SurveyLama, plateforme de sondages en ligne française, a subi une attaque exposant les données de plus de 4 millions d'utilisateurs
thumbnail +92,000 Internet-facing D-Link NAS devices can be easily hacked
thumbnail Price of zero-day exploits rises as companies harden products against hackers
thumbnail Over 92,000 exposed D-Link NAS devices have a backdoor account
thumbnail Bringing process injection into view(s): exploiting all macOS apps using nib files · Sector 7
thumbnail Researchers Observed Visual Studio Code Extensions Steals
thumbnail Qakbot Strikes Back: Understanding the Threat
thumbnail Distinctive Campaign Evolution of Pikabot Malware
thumbnail Unveiling the Fallout: Operation Cronos' Impact on LockBit Following Landmark Disruption
thumbnail Ukraine gives award to foreign vigilantes for hacks on Russia
thumbnail Kobold letters
thumbnail Ivanti fixes VPN gateway vulnerability allowing RCE, DoS attacks
thumbnail IntelBroker Leaks Alleged National Security Data Tied to US Contractor Acuity Inc.
thumbnail A Vigilante Hacker Took Down North Korea’s Internet. Now He’s Taking Off His Mask
thumbnail Ukrainian cybersecurity official reveals structure of Russian hacker groups
thumbnail Exclusive: Hackers stole Russian prisoner database to avenge death of Navalny
thumbnail DJI Mavic 3 Drone Research: Vulnerability Analysis
thumbnail Threat Actors Deliver Malware via YouTube Video Game Cracks
thumbnail Microsoft could have prevented Chinese cloud email hack, US cyber report says
thumbnail Enregistré à son insu, son entretien RH finit sur le darknet
thumbnail The Mystery of ‘Jia Tan,’ the XZ Backdoor Mastermind
thumbnail Google fixes two Pixel zero-day flaws exploited by forensics firms
thumbnail Introducing Sunlight, a CT implementation built for scalability, ease of operation, and reduced cost - Let's Encrypt
thumbnail The Open Source Community is Building Cybersecurity Processes for CRA Compliance
thumbnail OWASP Data Breach Notification
thumbnail GitHub - amlweems/xzbot: notes, honeypot, and exploit demo for the xz backdoor (CVE-2024-3094)
thumbnail Facebook snooped on users’ Snapchat traffic in secret project, documents reveal | TechCrunch
thumbnail La FFF, victime d'une attaque informatique, annonce le vol de données de certains de ses adhérents
thumbnail What we know about the xz Utils backdoor that almost infected the world
thumbnail Infostealers continue to pose threat to macOS users
thumbnail Vulnerabilities Year-in-Review: 2023
thumbnail Claro Company Hit by Trigona Ransomware
thumbnail Check if you're vulnerable to CVE-2024-3094
thumbnail From OneNote to RansomNote: An Ice Cold Intrusion - The DFIR Report
thumbnail Serious security breach hits EU police agency
thumbnail Les clients Apple victimes de push bombing pour réinitialiser leur identifiant
thumbnail AT&T confirms data for 73 million customers leaked on hacker forum
thumbnail EU bans anonymous crypto payments to hosted wallets
thumbnail Les attaques informatiques contre les ENT continuent dans le Nord ...
thumbnail PHP Obfuscator with Backdoor
thumbnail Easy privilege escalation exploit lands for Linux kernels
thumbnail Urgent security alert for Fedora 41 and Fedora Rawhide users
thumbnail Ransomware gang leaks stolen Scottish healthcare patient data in extortion bid
thumbnail AI bots hallucinate software packages and devs download them
thumbnail Decade-old Linux ‘wall’ bug helps make fake SUDO prompts, steal passwords
thumbnail PyPI halted new users and projects while it fended off supply-chain attack
thumbnail Jeffrey Epstein's Island Visitors Exposed by Data Broker
thumbnail Diving Deeper into AI Package Hallucinations
thumbnail Lighter Ransomware Locks Users Out of System
thumbnail Out of the shadows - ’darcula’ iMessage and RCS smishing attacks target USPS and global postal services
thumbnail Thousands of servers hacked in ongoing attack targeting Ray AI framework
thumbnail Flipping Pages: An analysis of a new Linux vulnerability in nf_tables and hardened exploitation techniques
thumbnail Finland confirms APT31 hackers behind 2021 parliament breach
thumbnail Google: Spyware vendors behind 50% of zero-days exploited in 2023
thumbnail BlueSpy - Spying on Bluetooth conversations
thumbnail New ZenHammer memory attack impacts AMD Zen CPUs
thumbnail Why X86 Needs To Die
thumbnail Tycoon 2FA: an in-depth analysis of the latest version of the AiTM phishing kit
thumbnail Over 170K users hit by poisoned Python package ruse
thumbnail New Go loader pushes Rhadamanthys stealer
thumbnail APT29 Uses WINELOADER to Target German Political Parties | Mandiant
thumbnail L’Active Directory et l’exposition Internet au programme du plan de sécurisation des hôpitaux
thumbnail IMF Investigates Cyber-Security Incident
thumbnail Change Healthcare ransomware attack disrupting industry nationwide
thumbnail Darknet marketplace Nemesis Market seized by German police
thumbnail Large-Scale StrelaStealer Campaign in Early 2024
thumbnail Google Online Security Blog: Vulnerability Reward Program: 2023 Year in Review
thumbnail The iSOON Disclosure: Exploring the Integrated Operations Platform
thumbnail Ransomware Recruitment Efforts Following Law Enforcement Disruption
thumbnail Apple Sued for Prioritizing Market Dominance Over Security
thumbnail OpenAI's chatbot store is filling up with spam
thumbnail Exploit released for Fortinet RCE bug used in attacks, patch now
thumbnail Unpatchable vulnerability in Apple chip leaks secret encryption keys
thumbnail Hackers Found a Way to Open Any of 3 Million Hotel Keycard Locks in Seconds | WIRED
thumbnail Microsoft Threat Intelligence unveils targets and innovative tactics amidst tax season
thumbnail Managing Attack Surface | Huntress Blog
thumbnail The Updated APT Playbook: Tales from the Kimsuky threat actor group | Rapid7 Blog
thumbnail Windows 11, Tesla, and Ubuntu Linux hacked at Pwn2Own Vancouver
thumbnail Ivanti fixes critical Standalone Sentry bug reported by NATO
thumbnail AceCryptor malware has surged in Europe, researchers say
thumbnail Microsoft Copilot for Security: General Availability details
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thumbnail World’s first major act to regulate AI passed by European lawmakers
thumbnail LockBit ransomware affiliate gets four years in jail, to pay $860k
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thumbnail Plusieurs ministères visés par des attaques informatiques depuis dimanche, annonce Matignon
thumbnail La Commission se félicite de l'accord politique obtenu sur le règlement relatif à la cybersolidarité
thumbnail Magnet Goblin Targets Publicly Facing Servers Using 1-Day Vulnerabilities
thumbnail CISA forced to take two systems offline last month after Ivanti compromise
thumbnail Russian spies keep hacking into Microsoft in 'ongoing attack,' company says
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thumbnail BlackCat ransomware turns off servers amid claim they stole $22 million ransom
thumbnail Hackers Behind the Change Healthcare Ransomware Attack Just Received a $22 Million Payment
thumbnail Russia’s chief propagandist leaks intercepted German military Webex conversation
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thumbnail Hackers Leak 2.5M Private Plane Owners' Data Linked to LA Intl. Airport Breach
thumbnail Avast fined $16.5 million for ‘privacy’ software that actually sold users’ browsing data
thumbnail Jamf says 9% of smartphone have fallen for phishing attacks
thumbnail ChatGPT «devient fou», OpenAI s’explique
thumbnail Multiple XSS flaws in Joomla can lead to remote code execution
thumbnail Scattered Spider laying new eggs
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thumbnail Plus de 2000 serveurs Exchange suisses vulnérables à une faille
thumbnail Police arrests LockBit ransomware members, release decryptor in global crackdown
thumbnail Law enforcement disrupt world’s biggest ransomware operation
thumbnail Cactus ransomware claim to steal 1.5TB of Schneider Electric data
thumbnail Ransomware Experts See Problems With Banning Ransom Payments
thumbnail LockBit ransomware gang disrupted by international law enforcement operation
thumbnail Several Ukrainian media outlets attacked by Russian hackers
thumbnail LockBit ransomware disrupted by global police operation
thumbnail ESET fixed high-severity local privilege escalation bug in Windows products
thumbnail Poland's PM says authorities in the previous government widely and illegally used Pegasus spyware | AP News
thumbnail Cyberattaque : le Centre Hospitalier d’Armentières communique
thumbnail Air Canada must honor refund policy invented by airline’s chatbot
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thumbnail BMW security lapse exposed sensitive company information, researcher finds
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thumbnail Patch Tuesday - February 2024
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thumbnail The Risks of the #MonikerLink Bug in Microsoft Outlook and the Big Picture
thumbnail Zoom fixed critical flaw CVE-2024-24691 in Windows software
thumbnail CVE-2024-21412: Water Hydra Targets Traders with Microsoft Defender SmartScreen Zero-Day
thumbnail Portal Kombat : un réseau structuré et coordonné de propagande prorusse
thumbnail Hackers exploit Ivanti SSRF flaw to deploy new DSLog backdoor
thumbnail Community Alert: Ongoing Malicious Campaign Impacting Azure Cloud Environments
thumbnail New MacOS Backdoor Written in Rust Shows Possible Link with Windows Ransomware Group
thumbnail EU capitals fear Russian retaliation and cyberattacks after asset freezes
thumbnail Fake LastPass App Sneaks Past Apple's Review Team
thumbnail KV-Botnet: Don’t call it a Comeback - Lumen
thumbnail Vaud: le canton rompt un contrat à 6 millions avec Xplain
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thumbnail World Govs, Tech Giants Sign Spyware Responsibility Pledge
thumbnail Hyundai Motor Europe hit by Black Basta ransomware attack
thumbnail Reward Offers for Information to Bring Hive Ransomware Variant Co-Conspirators To Justice - United States Department of State
thumbnail Ivanti: Patch new Connect Secure auth bypass bug immediately
thumbnail Raspberry Pi Pico cracks BitLocker in under a minute
thumbnail Ransomware Hit $1 Billion in 2023
thumbnail Security Researcher Allegedly Hacked Apple’s Backend, Scammed $2.5 Million
thumbnail Thanksgiving 2023 security incident
thumbnail Chinese hackers infect Dutch armed forces network with malware
thumbnail Fingerprint photo led investigators to therapy centre hacking suspect
thumbnail Zero Day Initiative — CVE-2023-46263: Ivanti Avalanche Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability
thumbnail Government hackers targeted iPhones owners with zero-days, Google says
thumbnail Ransomware Retrospective 2024: Unit 42 Leak Site Analysis
thumbnail Datasport subi un vol de données: 900’000 Suisses concernés
thumbnail 45,000 Jenkins servers remain vulnerable to RCE attacks
thumbnail Finance worker pays out $25 million after video call with deepfake ‘chief financial officer’
thumbnail Leaky Vessels flaws allow hackers to escape Docker, runc containers
thumbnail Zyxel VPN Series Pre-auth Remote Command Execution
thumbnail AnyDesk Incident: Customer Credentials Leaked and Published for Sale on the Dark Web
thumbnail Investigation: Apparent Russian disinformation group posing as ex-president Poroshenko targets foreign fighters in Ukraine
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thumbnail Binance Code and Internal Passwords Exposed on GitHub for Months
thumbnail Kasseika Ransomware Deploys BYOVD Attacks Abuses PsExec and Exploits Martini Driver 
thumbnail Qualys TRU Discovers Important Vulnerabilities in GNU C Library’s syslog()
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thumbnail New Go-based Malware Loader Discovered I Arctic Wolf
thumbnail How a mistakenly published password exposed Mercedes-Benz source code
thumbnail Buzzing on Christmas Eve: Trigona Ransomware in 3 Hours
thumbnail Malicious NPM Packages Exfiltrate Hundreds of Developer SSH Keys via GitHub
thumbnail Trello API abused to link email addresses to 15 million accounts
thumbnail NSA is buying Americans’ internet browsing records without a warrant
thumbnail Researchers Say the Deepfake Biden Robocall Was Likely Made With Tools From AI Startup ElevenLabs
thumbnail Russian developer of Trickbot malware sentenced to five years in prison
thumbnail Midnight Blizzard: Guidance for responders on nation-state attack
thumbnail 23andMe data breach: Hackers stole raw genotype data, health reports
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thumbnail X is being flooded with graphic Taylor Swift AI images
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thumbnail Over 5,300 GitLab servers exposed to zero-click account takeover attacks
thumbnail CVE-2024-0204: Critical Authentication Bypass in Fortra GoAnywhere MFT | Rapid7 Blog
thumbnail Info Stealing Packages Hidden in PyPI
thumbnail Atlassian Confluence Server RCE attacks underway
thumbnail 178,000 SonicWall firewalls are vulnerable to old DoS bugs
thumbnail Technology News Government News Get more insights with the Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud. Learn more. In alerting about two Citrix bugs, CISA recommends immediate attention for one
thumbnail A backdoor with a cryptowallet stealer inside cracked macOS software
thumbnail Balada Injector Infects Over 7,100 WordPress Sites Using Plugin Vulnerability
thumbnail Microsoft network breached through password-spraying by Russian-state hackers
thumbnail Microsoft's Top Execs' Emails Breached in Sophisticated Russia-Linked APT Attack
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thumbnail LeftoverLocals: Listening to LLM responses through leaked GPU local memory
thumbnail Bigpanzi Exposed: The Hidden Cyber Threat Behind Your Set-Top Box
thumbnail NoName057(16) |
thumbnail Apple fixed a bug in Magic Keyboard that allows to monitor Bluetooth traffic
thumbnail Ivanti Connect Secure VPN Exploitation Goes Global
thumbnail Opera MyFlaw Bug Could Let Hackers Run ANY File on Your Mac or Windows
thumbnail Chrome Users Now Worth 30% Less Money Thanks to Google's Cookie Killing, Ad Firm Says
thumbnail Volt Typhoon Compromises 30% of Cisco RV320/325 Devices in 37 Days
thumbnail Welcome To 2024, The SSLVPN Chaos Continues - Ivanti CVE-2023-46805 & CVE-2024-21887
thumbnail Further analysis of Denmark attacks leads to warning about unpatched network gear
thumbnail Beware! YouTube Videos Promoting Cracked Software Distribute Lumma Stealer
thumbnail Turkish Hackers Exploiting Poorly Secured MS SQL Servers Across the Globe
thumbnail ShinyHunters member gets 3 years in prison for breaching 60 firms
thumbnail Turkish hackers targeting database servers with Mimic ransomware
thumbnail Anthropic researchers find that AI models can be trained to deceive
thumbnail CVE-2024-21591 - Juniper J-Web OOB Write vulnerability
thumbnail Hackers can infect network-connected wrenches to install ransomware
thumbnail Cryptojacker arrested in Ukraine over EUR 1.8 million mining scheme
thumbnail Act Now: CISA Flags Active Exploitation of Microsoft SharePoint Vulnerability
thumbnail Follow-On Extortion Campaign Targeting Victims of Akira and Royal Ransomware
thumbnail Linux devices are under attack by a never-before-seen worm | Ars Technica
thumbnail AirDrop 'Cracked' By Chinese Authorities to Identify Senders
thumbnail Le service de renseignement suisse surveille aussi le trafic de données national
thumbnail NSA official: hackers use AI bots like ChatGPT to perfect English
thumbnail SEC Has Not Approved Bitcoin ETFs, but Its Hacked X Account Briefly Said Otherwise
thumbnail Avast Updates Babuk Ransomware Decryptor in Cooperation with Cisco Talos and Dutch Police
thumbnail Netgear, Hyundai latest X accounts hacked to push crypto drainers
thumbnail Dutch man sabotaged Iranian nuclear program without Dutch government's knowledge: report
thumbnail Multiple vulnerabilities in Lantronix EDS-MD IoT gateway for medical devices
thumbnail Bitwarden Heist - How to Break Into Password Vaults Without Using Passwords
thumbnail Analyzing DPRK's SpectralBlur
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thumbnail Hacker hijacks Orange Spain RIPE account to cause BGP havoc
thumbnail The State of Ransomware in the U.S.: Report and Statistics 2023
thumbnail Qualcomm chip vulnerability enables remote attack by voice call
thumbnail Cyber attacks hit the Assembly of the Republic of Albania and telecom company One Albania
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